Deadly games (edits)



Haiii it’s me Alex hello

Well I am currently writing a story called deadly games and I need alot of art
Here are the thing that I need —>
This story uses sound
This story uses mature language
You are playing as …

When you make art for me I will for 100% credit you
The story I am writing is no simpel story it is directed like adrenaline if you know What I mean

And if you make art for me you could be a character in my story

If you want to make a edit say it and if you know someone please link as much people :heart:

Share your art / drawings

Hiya, I could try if u like


Can you send a picture of your art work?


If u go into one of my tags.manyone need artwork you should see some there




Sorry I am looking for more realistic


Ok that’s fine


If you want realistic art I would go to Her or @ZADDY but she costs real money I don’t know if ZADDY’s art costs money. I love her and his art is really good or I could help you.

My examples


Sorry but I want them more realistic can you link someone you know


I did.