Deadly Nightshade Official Promotion/Update Thread

Just finished episode 10 yesterday. I plan on releasing it with episode 11!

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Here is episode 10/11’s trailer! I hope you enjoy it!

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Episodes 10 and 11 are OUT!

Deadly Nightshade has hit 1k reads!!!

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Yes! Congrats! :tada: :partying_face: :clap:

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Thank you!

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Episode 12 of Deadly Nightshade is done! I’ll publish it sometime this week!

Episode 12 is out now!

Working on episodes 13 & 14 right now. Coming out soon!

Episodes 13 and 14 are out now!

I hit 2,000 reads today! Thank you all!


Episode 15 is out NOW on EA! I’m trying it out for the first time.

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Here’s my story card for Deadly Nightshade!

Very nice thread and poster.

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Thank you! I hope you enjoy the story if/when you decide to read it. :blob_hearts:

Episode 17 is now out on EA! Just a heads-up, the story’s been revamped.

Episode 18 is out and free. Episode 19 should be out by this Friday.

Episode 19 is out now!

Bumping this. Episode 19’s release was rushed, but I’m taking my sweet time with episodes 20 and 21, which will be released together.

Episode 20 is out!

And Deadly Nightshade is on the Disabled Voices shelf! Hooray!