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Sort of based on the anime “Deadman Wonderland”

In this sick school, there are 2 types of students. “Normals” and the “Deadmen”. The deadmen are those who got infected alongside other people during the Japan-wide “Massacre Incident” whom people believe was caused by a person or supernatural with blood-manipulation powers. There are over 50 of these “infected” people who apparently under coincidence, are all highschool students. Now, all of these deadmen are forced to go to Deadman High along with the Normals. The normals are the young people who aren’t recognized with any supernatural acts but have done crime.

This building was created in 2015 and has been successful ever since due to its strictness in security. However, inside the building the students are forced to join all their twisted events that are filmed and showed before a private app called Deadman Incorporated . Whoever succeeds in their event would be granted either a week of freedom, an ability to kill someone however they like, threat points or gold bills. Most people build alliances and some with high threat points make enemies. Thing is, the government thinks its just a disciplinary school where highschool students who’ve done crime will just be taught because despite everything, it is still your average highschool.

Are you gonna try to show how wrong this school is to the government? Are you gonna try to stop your schoolmates to show the government how wrong this school is? Or are you not gonna be in the way of their planning? For every choice you make watch out, stalkers could be lurking from nowhere and you could be watched.

PS: read the roleplay guide

Roleplay Guide

Make sure to read everything in the guide.

Threat Points

Threat points is sort of your reputation. The higher your threat points are, the more popular you get and the more access you have over alot of things.

People with High Threat Points (20 or over 20) get to be able to:

  • Gain access to make clans
  • Kill students with lower threat points
  • Buy clothes, furniture and security
  • Go over the boundaries (10 feet away only)

Thats why people fear others with higher threat points because those people are never nice

So, how do you gain threat points? Gain by:

  • Winning in challenges
  • Killing a student
  • Spending Gold Bills
  • Discovering unknown places
  • Volunteering to extremely hard extracurricular activites
Gold Bills

Gold bills are the currency of the school. Without gold bills you cannot eat, get a dorm, use the toilet and access alot of things.

You get an amount of 5,000 Gold Bills if you are a transferee, 10,000 if you are an old student. How do you get gold bills tho?

  • Volunteering to extracurricular activities
  • Killing another student
  • Trading with a student
  • Exchanging your real life cash for Gold Bills
  • Winning a challenge
  • Making the audience love you
  • Having connections
Deadman Incorporated

Deadman Incorporated is like the Episode App but instead of stories, it has videos of the latest games and juicy drama. It is where people from outside bet, chat and talk about the latest “Deadman Latest”


The security in Deadman High was known to be one of the most strict in the world. One foot out of the boundaries would be a suicide attempt. Getting in the sewers would be another so in this school, there is no way to escape

School Clans

The school clans are one of the unique characteristics of this school. A clan has a leader with high threat points, the clan share a common goal. The leader usually is the one that picks out his/her members through a test of their own. The test may be a death match or a written test.


The newbies in order to not be abused inside the school must have connections inside. There are a ton of newbies that die because they didn’t have any connections from the school. The older people, use the newbies to be their pets and toys which is supposed to be “fun” for them.

How will challenges work?

Random Generator, the challenges would be the “SG” part, there are also other SG parts from time to time than just the challenges. So basically, your character might die or get a fatal consequence.

For example:
There will be a challenge, this challenge could either be volunteers or picked. So, I will input the names in the generator and see who will have to participate in this challenge. If it is a match, I will spin the generator with the names of the participants and whoever was chosen by the generator the most times will be the winner of the challenge.


The dorms have a weekly rent of 100 Gold Bills, new students are not to pay until their fifth week.

Anything you don’t understand in the roleplay/story game? Please private message me it!

Sign-up rules

  • No mary sue or perfect characters
  • Maximum of 5 characters, make sure the gender are equal
  • Don’t make your personality too good and your backstory too drastically emotional
  • No pranks of some sort please! Be serious when you are gonna sign up.

Deadman High Sign-up Form



PS: Faceclaims will be coming out soon!

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