Deaf Representation (and other disabilities)

I know the progress for representation is going rather slow on the app, especially for ones that require new animation but I am interested in creating a story with a Deaf lead so that’s why I am highlighting it for now (plus I am studying ASL) and clearly they are not the only group who are under or not represented. Currently authors have created Deaf/ deaf/ Hard of Hearing characters through dialogue in italics, or thought bubbles, etc. And I love that they are been so inclusive!

And I can see that it has been requested by other creators under “feature and art suggestions too”. Still, nothing. So much time has passed and the app has grown so much - isn’t the time for more representation overdue?

It would be great to start out with at least some fingerspelling, basic hand signs, then build it slowly from there. There are 466 million deaf people worldwide. There may not be a universal sign language - the alphabet for American and British sign language, for example, is totally different - but it would be good to start somewhere, with ASL, since the US is Episode’s largest consumer base.

Not every Deaf/ HOH person opts for hearing aids, cochlear implants, etc. And ASL is its own language with its own structure. But there are currently not even any props such as hearing aids, CIs. And for other groups - wheelchairs, prosthetics, etc.


hi ! i’m fluent in bsl, several of my close family members and friends are profoundly deaf and i have to agree with you. while i love writing and consuming on episode i’ve found that they are (likely unintentionally) exclusionary of minorities such as deaf people, which makes it very difficult to write as them. (another thing that gets on my nerves is how exclusionary the whole structure of episode is of gender nonconforming people and i’m trying to write about them but it’s so hard lmao) so yez, i completely agree and i think it’d be awesome if we at least had hearing aids like there’s a walking stick for blind people so come on


Support and bump! It would be really nice to have disability features, and it can help expose a wider audience to the fact that disabled people can live normal lives just as much as a non disabled person.

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I totally agree. I’ve actually been wanting to include a deaf character who uses ASL in one of my stories. That would be really awesome if Episode made some animations with basic signs!

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Support!!! I am hard of hearing and I have been wanting to read stories that have deaf and hard of hearing characters. I don’t like when they use raised hand that signal sign language. I feel like there should be an animation for deaf/hard of hearing. I know some authors uses different colors or bold words to indicate that a deaf character is speaking but there should be animations for deaf and hard of hearing. Need more representations

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this really sucks,
I am legally deaf and my uncle is 100% deaf
I want to write a story about a deaf MC and her friends basically ending the stereotypes but its so hard because Episode has no options for that,
sure I can download hearing aids, walking canes, and wheelchairs but that doesn’t make up for the animations and lack there of


I agree they’re really slow when it comes to representation and they need to improve not just episode but also authors they tend to do a lot of stereotypes and things as well

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