Dealing with a lost one

I just lost my cousin sis. She was all happy just a few hours ago and we talked and she gifted me a pair of slippers cuz mine broke a week back. I didn’t talk to her freely cuz of my shy attitude. I was a little selfish to her a week ago but today we were happy but now all of a sudden after she got back from her dialysis, she had a terrible backache and went to emergency room again and died.

How to cope up with this? I know everyone grieves differently but I never lost someone that close to me. Help

Edit - she was on dialysis and hospital extracted 3.5 l of water instead of 2.5l
I know my aunt and my cousin sis would be in depression now. And my mom’s being so strong

  1. Allow yourself to feel the emotions and pain
  2. Allow yourself to talk about it
  3. Any guilt you feel, understand that it’s life and you could not have done anything different
  4. Understand that things will get better when given time
  5. Do not try to block out any emotions, bubble it, or avoid it
  6. Remind yourself of the good memories and be glad you were able to meet such a person

That’s what I’m doing right now! It’s helping me, I’m sure it will help you too, I hope :sparkling_heart:

You may feel other emotions, as it won’t be easy, but keep reminding yourself these things:)


She just randomly…died? Oh my god…

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Edit - she was on dialysis and hospital extracted 3.5 l of water instead of 2.5l

I feel like I was so selfish to her so bad to her. I want God to give her back and take me instead. I am not feeling good. She was my idol.

And u are dealing with it too? Worst thing is it’s the hospital’s fault not even her’s. She always ate healthy and everything.

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.
Whatever you are feeling just allow yourself to feel it, if you want to cry then thats fine if you want to scream then do it.

I remember when I lost my nan at first I felt nothing… as if nothing had happened and then I just burst out crying and that’s fine.
And feeling guilty is completely normal, I felt guilty and angry with myself and the world. But I hadn’t done anything wrong it’s just the emotion I had at the time.

I hope you’re ok

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You could probably sue for medical malpractice resulting in death…


I want to but my parents and my aunt won’t agree. They say she’s gone so it’s done now


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I’m terribly sorry for your loss. May she Rest In Peace. :pensive:

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I’m so sorry to hear this! Expressing what you feel can help. Don’t bottle up your feelings. It’s okay to be super upset or even angry. You don’t need to pretend that everything’s fine. You can try to draw, write, or read–whatever is your creative outlet. Talking to someone can help, too. If you ever want to talk to someone, you can PM me or DM me on instagram (@amphia.episode).
Things will get better. :blob_hearts:

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