Dear Artists, is this disrespectful?


I asked for an edit request from other artists, and they said it was fine. So I gotten an edit from @episodechick33 & like 2 other people & this girl who was gonna do my edit said she wasn’t going to because “I shouldn’t ask multiple people for edits” and she felt “disrespected” . can an artist please let me know if it’s disrespectful if i’m crediting you on my instagram. i see many people have many different edits from different people so i’m confused as to why that’s disrespectful. I want to know if this is disrespectful or not. :slight_smile: BTW THIS IS NO WAY TO START DRAMA I JUST WANNA SEE WHAT ITHER ARTISTS THINK SO I DONT CONTINUE ASKING MULTIPLE PEOPLE FOR EDITS IF ITS DISRESPECTFUL (: I want to be respectful towards everyone. :slight_smile: When I ask for edits, I do it because the art is unique, the style of the art is unique, and I would love to promote other artists work . (:


It’s not Necessarily disrespectful. It’s only disrespectful when you like and say you won’t ask other people. As long as you credit them and use it at least once, you should be fine. The artist shouldn’t be getting all roudied up about it and they need to understand they are not the best artist.


again, I just want to know if this is disrespectful so I DONT ask for multiple edits from artists (:


Do you need a cover or a splash


And that is not disrespectful


Okay, thanks for your opinion.


You didn’t ask for the same thing


If you’re an artist please comment your thoughts on this!


In my opinion, it is more on the “you’re wasting my time” side. (Hard to explain) if you ask on another thread while they said they were going to make your edit (and I’m talking about for the exact same story, and exact same cover or whatever). Remember that time is being taken from our days on these, and for them to be wasted is quite nerve racking. If you were to request on my thread, and decided that you wanted to request from someone else, I would recommend telling the artist.

But if it’s for a different story, or different character or whatever, I’d be fine with that.


I agree with you!!


thanks for your opinion! However, it’s via instagram it wasn’t on a thread :slight_smile: I do NOT use it in my stories, I use it for instagram to promote other upcoming artists with unique styles. So I post the edit on instagram & tell them, “thanks for the edit @(insert ig name here) go follow them!”


Another question, is it disrespectful to do it if I won some edits from a giveaway and then asked for an edit from a different artist that wasn’t from a give away? again, these opinions matter cus if people find it disrespectful I won’t do it anymore, I don’t want to waste people’s time & being selfish, ya know?


No this is no way disrespectful or time wasting, we get to make a lovely edit and you get to use it in your story :blush: I feel privileged to see my art in someones story, don’t feel bad :worried:


I use it to post on instagram, not In my story, so is that a waste of time even if i’m promoting your account and giving you credit ?


Oh, I see. From what you’re saying, it is different edits, so I wouldn’t find that annoying. One of the reasons I like getting request is because I like getting new ideas for edits,:sweat_smile:


Btw I just apologized to the artist, I don’t wanna seem selfish


Maybe ensure that they know about what you’re doing.


No not at all! In fact most artists include a watermark in their work so you don’t have to


What do you mean? idk I just thought it’s more of wasting someone’s time if i’m asking multiple artists to give me edits for my story but i’m not using it for my story, I use it because I honestly and truly think their art is unique and I want to promote their account. You know, like refer artists work to other people so they can get an edit, (:


I still credit the artist just so I can refer other people onto their artwork :wink: