Dear Author, What are some of the most FAQ you get?


I’m curious as to know what other questions authors get besides the same ol’ “When are you updating” question. Hope someone replies. I’ve always wondered lol


I’ve gotten a suggestion on what I should rename my story to but I’m like honey no, I like my title, thank you very much.


“When are you updating?”
“Will you continue?”
“Where’s the next episode?”
“It’s been ages. When’s the next episode coming?”
“Did you get inspired by [insert movie or TV show that I’ve probably never heard of here]?”

Generally, my fanmail aren’t questions. Just typically things like “I love the story” :grin:. I’m lucky. I mostly get positive fanmail!
I do often get questions asking why a character did something or asking questions about the plot. I really welcome questions like these! They challenge me and I personally think that I should be able to answer all plot-related questions that are thrown at me since this is my story and I’ve put a lot of thought into it.


I’ve been SO lucky. I’ve honestly yet to receive a bad or hateful fanmail (knocks on wood here ), but I the two questions I do find that I’ve gotten the most in TDW (it’s my longest, ongoing story so the one with the most fanmail)

“It’s been so long, are you alive?”
“When will you continue?”
“I don’t like Lark’s husband, can we put Lark and Hauke together?”

I don’t mind them at all, to be honest, but the last one does make me a little sad. I’m so happy to see people enjoy my story, but I don’t like the idea of setting up my two main characters together. They have a sibling relationship and I want it to stay that way. It was honestly my main goal from the beginning when I created them- I wanted to show that you could have a close relationship with somebody from the opposite sex and not have them fall in love or date. Which honestly stems from my personal life and personal experiences. So I guess you can say it’s kind of an outlet for me. lol


“What are the different mancer types”
“When do you update?”
“Will we have love interests”
“SO SHORT” (fight me, I hit the line limit brah)
“Can Dinu be a love interest” (he’s dating your good friend??? like what?)

“Why did the blacksmith call me son?”
“OMGGG so muchhh worrrkk amaazingggg love youuu - btw can the MC be taller?”

And my all time favorite - character requests.

“She uses her looks to lure enemies and kill them. She never works for anyone. Luna usually wears red or black dresses. She betrays people. Luna is 100% dangerous and evil. Why you think she should be in the story because she would be an interesting person. Even though she is very evil she hides it under her looks. So yeah I would be so happy if you can put in the story. Will you add her?”

as an RP’er this made me dye of laughter


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ; & okay i’m still new to this whole episode forum what is RP :joy::joy: readers perspective? i’m so confused. I see so many episode slangs on here and i’m like HUH


RP - Role Play

Us RP’ers are super into characters and make characters to play RP games with. (at least for me) I always find it amusing when I get character requests (or characters for RP) that are considered a Mary Sue - super god like, over powered / OP - I don’t know how to explain it

@Lady-Mehek @Cam help me out fams @Cricket_Master

EDIT : friends come to the rescue with the description of Mary - Sue character requests because I find it so funny when Fan Mail gives me Mary Sue’s because idk if they expect me to add them (when it’s quite obvi they would destroy the plot)


runs in I can one up fallen. I have a perfect example of a Mary Sue cliche here.


@brvnda , if you are not sure what a Mary Sue is, search engines are your friend.
Tv-Tropes and springhole. net both have in depth explanations.
Edited so as not to provide an outside link.


Hahahha “are you alive?”
“Nope. Sorry.”


I mean, in their defense, I could very well be not alive! I could be a ghost! And just takes me months to update because that’s how long it takes me to gather energy to interact with the real world. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


“Can I just change her face shape?”
“Can I customize them please?”
“I don’t like his nose, can I change his nose?”
“I like the bad guy more, can he be a love interest?”
“Were you inspired by (a story I’ve never heard of in my entire life, googles it and reads the summary and it sounds nothing like my story) OR (Outlander).” - I love Outlander, but no, that’s not a Fae story, and I say right at the beginning of the story, “THIS STORY WAS INSPIRED BY CELTIC MYTHOLOGY”.

Obviously, I don’t have CC in my stories. I’m maniacal like that.

The above irritates me but the good fan mail I get far outweighs the irritating ones and I have A LOT more nice fanmail than these. No ‘mean’ ones yet :knocks’s on wood:.


Oh, FAQs!
Sometimes I wish we had a part of the fanmail where we could just post them so people don’t ask over and over
“When will the next Episode be out?”
“How many Episodes were there be?”
“Can we customize again, I made a mistake.”
“What is your inspiration for the story?”
I also get some that I have to hold my tongue and wait a while before writing back so that I don’t come off as snarky.
“Can Trip be a love interest?”
“Can Wes not wear glasses?”
“Why can’t Liz just be happy?” (or assorted variations asking why she is “weak”)


tbh, people include FAQ’s at the end of their story and people STILL ask the same question. :roll_eyes: it doesn’t make any sense to me.


VERY true. I have even put FAQs at the end of Episodes and still have people ask the same question a day after they read the Episode.


@brvnda, I have yet to receive any of these, but if you look in just about any moderately popular story’s fanmail, there will almost always be messages asking to be inserted into the story.
As you might expect, many of these fans wish to be inserted as a Mary-Sue.

They will post something like
“Can you put me in your story pleeeeez! I am kinda sassy but in a good way. I have long brown hair and green eyes, and I want to be the daughter of Zeus and have super strength, speed, and invisibility powers.”


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