Dear authors, BE MORE CREATIVE


I’ve lost my sense of episode spirit and I kind lack on reading other people’s stories because of the fact they’re all the same. Same plot, same ending, drama :tired_face: Well NO MORE! Calling all authors! BE MORE CREATIVE ON YOUR STORY PLOT! No more “Bad Boy” stories etc, be more creative with your stories (Romance, Drama, Horror etc.) Get inspired by real life situations. I feel like Episode is losing its spark. So future authors, whenever your ready to publish a story GET CREATIVE :grin::smile:


My stories are about my real life expirences just fixed a little :joy:


that’s good, I just feel like whenever i get on episode its just the same stories :sweat_smile:


Ikr :joy::joy:


I don’t understand this, why can’t we let everybody write whatever they want? I enjoy does “Bad boy” stories, because the stories aren’t always the same. And even if they are, it’s like reading your favourite book more than once.
I also don’t think all the stories should be about real life experiences because when I read something I try to get away from my day-to-day life, I’m looking for drama and romance, fantasy and unrealistic happy endings.
If somebody wants to write about bad boys, then let them do it. I’m writing about a gang leader, totally unrealistic but I enjoy it, although it’s cliché and so many other authors write about it too. Every story is unique, just write whatever you want to write. Fantasy has no borders.


You don’t really have to write about real life experiences, it’s just an example. Bad Boy stories are fun and dramatic that every reader needs, but don’t you get tired of the same plot? I mean if you want to repeat the same story then you can reset it and do different choices. Drama and romance are my two favorite, it’s just that I want to get to see different type of drama and romances with a twist. I love Episode, but i just get bored with the same stories. Also I agree on you with the ‘Fantasy has no borders’


I have some stories that you can read that are unique.


Bowever, there R different types of stories, you just need to look for them.

Like me and my mother when trying to find a good movie to watch. Lol :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Lol Same here :joy::rofl:


I’m not saying that authors can’t write whatever they want though


Well, authors always try their hardest to be creative, in my opinion, it just depends on people’s tastes-do they enjoy reading stories in that genre-if they do, then they will love it, especially if it’s grammar is good and the plot sucks them in. However, if they aren’t a fan of the genre, they most likely will not enjoy that story.
It all comes down to what types of writing styles people enjoy.
Personally, for me, I’m not a fan of bad boy stories but many are- we can see they have a high amount of reads.
Readers find them creative and will enjoy reading them.
I like action and people with superpowers are fun to read about; a story that has those elements and is well written will suck me in.
Same goes for a person that loves comedy, adventure, etc.


It’s because New Authors, with great stories, Lack support from some episodians.