Dear Authors... from Us

Here’s a chance for other authors and readers to give our opinions to those who write stories.
I’ll go first:

Dear Authors,
I don’t mind if you choose to write a common themed story, but please, don’t promote destructive or toxic behaviour. I am so tired of seeing girls getting kidnapped by gang members and then the girls falling in love with their kidnappers, I’m tired of seeing girls fall in love with abusive partners (I know it happens in the real world but please stop romanticizing it), and please stop putting in a makeover scene to make a boy like you (cause heaven forbid you to find someone who loves you for you).
Thank you

Now it’s your turn… Be respectful and please no one take this personally. This is purely for constructive critizism and to vent. Thank you!


Lmao the authors cursed this thread!
I was reading and my phone crashed so bad.

Also I agree


Dear authors.
I don’t mind reading about a rape scene in stories because it’s real life, but for the love of God. Add a trigger warning… I don’t appreciate getting blindsided. Also, please stop glorifying and romanticizing rape because it’s not consensual. And please stop romanticizing psychopaths.

Thank you.


I would, but you said everything exactly perfectly!

I’d only add a P.S.: No, a sad/tragic backstory does NOT make your LI’s “bad boy” abusive behavior okay!

“Cool motive, still murder.”


Well said


Completely agree

Dear Authors,

Please educate yourselves on the basics of writing a story; plot structure, character development, world building, foreshadowing, etc. Free balling a story for the fuck of it and then complaining when no one wants to read your terrible story is the most irritating thing Episode authors do. I wouldn’t mind cliche’s and corny tropes in stories nearly as much if those stories were well thought out and written with some foreseeable intent. So read a blog, watch some youtube videos, make an effort to write the best you can and never stop trying to improve.



This is exactly why I’m writing up some Writing 101 lessons for the forums, in hopes it might improve the overall writing ability of Episode authors. I mean, it’s not likely, but I can hope! :joy:


True. I agree! My teenage eyes don’t need to see that honestly.



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Dear Authors

Stop romancing stuff, you know is wrong. Plus stop getting mad at readers that point it out.


Dear Authors,

Please do not glorify disgusting things that can trigger us readers. As long as you do enough research on these topics and portray them with respect, I’m perfectly okay with this. I don’t want to see stories that do this reverse psychology (and yes, you know which author I am talking about) where you tell the readers to not glorify a certain bad boy but then proceed to tell the reader to “make him hot”. I don’t see what’s sexy about falling for a psychopath/serial killer/rapist etc.

Also, please please take your time in writing a story/chapter because I can understand revamping or discountinuing can be a real pain in the butt.


P.S. Stop making hijabi women wear sexy/revealing clothing while wearing the hijab. Religion shouldn’t be sexualised either!


Dear Authors,

Please add trigger warnings. There are lots of stories that have possibly triggering scenes in them, with no trigger warnings. At least have just one line of dialogue saying: Trigger Warning Ahead!
It doesn’t take much time, and could help a lot of people.

Also stop romanticising teen pregnancy. I understand it does happen, but the amount of pregnancy stories on the app is incredible. Yes, it is real, but it shouldn’t appear so much. There are lots of impressionable people using episode, and they could think that it’s a good thing to happen.

Stop glorifying abuse. It’s a thing that happens, yes, but people shouldn’t want to be in an abusive relationship/ with an abuser.

There are more, but I’m kinda tired.




Dear Authors,

Please please please stop including s*icide and self harm in stories. This is very triggering and should not be promoted and encouraged within the community. Romanticizing such behavior isn’t OK because it may be a very sensitive topic for some readers. At least add trigger warnings.

Thank you,


I think that’s a brilliant idea, there are places where people have posted templates for outlines and character charts specifically for episode stories and I cannot figure out why more people don’t use them.


I think a lot of Episode writers are beginner writers who may not understand why they’d need an outline or character chart. It’s unfortunate. Maybe I can help some people understand why they’re helpful. I just…really love this platform. And a lot of people have excellent ideas. They just haven’t learned how to evolve them into a proper story.


That’s part of it for sure, I was a baby fanfic writer at one point and had no idea what I should be doing until I got into creative writing in high school. I also think mapping out a plot is hard and some people just don’t want to do the work, and are totally fine with aimlessly writing nothing and never progressing. Which is actually fine with me, until they start complaining about not getting reads.


Dear Authors ,

Please make your episodes at least a good 5 minutes long as otherwise we are wasting passes on episodes that are like 1 minute long and the plot of the story is usually well done but it’s just the length thats the problem. Also please don’t always make the MC a vig*n and fall for a guy who has a lot of experience.

~ Zaynab x


First off, thank you creating a thread like this :innocent:

Dear Authors,

I’m in your shoes; I’m an author myself, so therefore, I know how the story-making process can be stressful at times. Sometimes you have a bomb story idea, other times you have really great story ideas that you would like to release. But please keep in mind that you do not have to feel unsupported by your fellow authors within this community. You do not have to feel like you’ve failed as an author and writer. This is specifically for both new and small authors who feel like their stories aren’t going anywhere in this community. I want you all to know that I’ve been there before; I feel your pain, anger, and discouragement. Continue to stay encouraged, supported, and motivated.

Kind Regards,