Dear Authors: Struggling with grammar? Can't find proof readers?

Hi guys :wink:,

I noticed a majority of writers on episode struggle with grammar because English might not be their first language or sometimes because finding spelling mistakes and sentences that don’t make sense isn’t easy without fresh eyes to proof read your script.

Something that I really think could be a game changer are the free editing apps for writers that you can find online.

:hugs: I personally use and highly recommend Hemingway. It identifies when your sentences don’t really make sense or are hard to read, gives you suggestions on passive and active voice, when to omit or include certain adverbs and it also underlines spelling mistakes. Another great editing app is Grammarly.

By using such apps, you can reduce the amount of work for proof readers to do and if you can’t get a proof reader on short notice then you can make some improvements to your script on your own.

If you guys have other tips or app suggestions that authors on episode can use for their stories feel free to mention them.

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It’s actually cool of you to recommend this things for proof reading and all that and I want to say a big thank you for most of the episodians out there😘


:blush: I’m always looking to help

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We’ll stay that way dear and am sure alot of people will find your help helpful :v::clap:

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Cool! thank you so much for the tip:))

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Any time :upside_down_face:

Is It free? No charges have to made to get the corrections?

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I’ve been using hemingway for free online. I don’t know if there’s a premium version but considering the features that the free version offers, I doubt I’d really need it. Grammarly does have a premium version and a free one too. I personally think Hemingway offers more in its free version.

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