Dear Big & Small cover creators we need you!

Our amazing creators help a sister and others out with these Big and small covers for our stories

What to do

  • Authors put in a pic of your characters
  • Summarize your story
  • and detail what you want in your pic

My story: “His Savior”


On the right side that is Layla as she is the warrior, the savior of the story as her society has been ruined, she must protect the heir of king of vampires as she moves to earth more conflict rises as she and Skylar (the heir) run into Elijah the one on the left a mysterious guy who walks within the conflict of Layla and Skylar life.

What I want on the cover:

  • I would like to have Elijah and Layla face to face hold on to one another as Elijah would have fangs out towards her and Layla hands around Elijah’s neck with a weapon in her hands

  • dressing I suggest that they both look super hot and sexy with each other and pops out dangerous

  • background anything but a black background your choice that you think would pop these two

  • lastly the small cover is your choice of how the big cover would fit in with the small cover
    okay loves and contact me for more info: Snapchat & Instagram: queenronnie.epi :kissing_heart: :innocent:

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If you come to our shop we could get it done!


Okay! how do I apply or contact your shop?

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Just press the blue title of the cosmic brownies art shop and then your on it :wink: