Dear community/family


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Here is the thing I have absolutely nothing to do with my life… how about you take your own advice


Love how we get to you. Your reaction brings all of us joy. Why let some “bitches” get to you so bad? Move on


I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy didn’t want to interfere with this, but can you guys keep the swearing to a minimum, there’s little kids on this forum, I don’t want to get involved in any of your drama because it’s none of my business but can you be careful.


You’re the girl popping up in our threads. Go on ahead and leave.


I have been :heart:


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Okay well I’m not getting into this so… Have at it ig.


Babe that girl is just going to be irrelevant. Best if you just let it go. I appreciate the warning, though.


Question for everybody, why does a serious letter of address have to turn into a fight over banter and who says the best burns, etc? It’s a serious address.


NO! No, no, no. We no post that. NO! If you have no nice things to say, no say mean things. NO! If you think that or if it’s true. NO POST IT HERE! (hahaha, my bad grammar!)


NO! No fight!


@MadisonW @abygail.bauman @Artistofepi wAtCH yO PrOFANiTiES


I’m a grammar freak. That scared me to read. :persevere::persevere::joy::tired_face:


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