Dear Episode Team

Dear Episode,
@Jessie @Liz

Let me start by saying this:

I’ve loved your app for so long. During my time as part of this community I have had the chance to speak to some great people, see some amazing art and read some incredible stories. I’ve had to the opportunity to become an author myself and realise just how kind strangers can be and how appreciative they are of someone else’s hard work.

I’ve defended you during some of the problems you’ve had in this most recent year. On numerous occasions I have said these exact words ‘It’s not Episode’s fault’. I regret that now, as it’s clear I was being naive.

Due to your most recent story In My Bed… I can’t help but question whether or not you actually care about what your community thinks of these stories. So here is your chance to actually see.

How can you possibly advertise yourselves at 13+ when you are writing stories for 18+? I thought this was Episode: Choose your story not, Pornhub’s Pen Party.

I’m 23, I’m a parent and this is just beyond wrong in so many ways. If you had a 13 year old daughter or son, could you publicly and honestly say you would be ok with them reading that story? If I ever caught my child reading that story, you could bet I would be reporting you to any agency I could as you are violating your own guidelines, yet again. This is why no one takes you seriously anymore, if you have guidelines then you should have to follow them too.

Stop losing the small amount of respect you’ve still got, start re-building your morality and gaining the trust of your community back. Right now we all appear to have more integrity than you do, despite most of us not being able to buy alcohol, smoke or vote.

If things continue to spiral down the moral rabbit hole as they are now, I’m afraid you will likely lose most of us to another online story platform. Disrespecting your community can only go on for so long before people decide they’ve had enough. I know I and many others are reaching our limit.

  • Stories like In My Bed are NOT ok.
  • Stories like In My Bed are ok for.

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Anyone, feel free to add your concerns and opinions. Try to be respectful (especially if Jeremy or Sydney have to intervene in any way, remember they are actually doing their job).

@southampton23 < Thank you for the ideas :heart:



I have nothing to add because you have said everything so well. Just wanted to add my support.


I’m just sick of this now, people are getting banned for things that aren’t even a part of the guidelines but they can publish that crap :woman_facepalming:t3:


I support 100% :+1:

Thank you so much for creating this thread :heart:


:+1:t3: Nothing to add. Support 100%. :ok_hand:t3:

Hopefully Episode takes notice of it and the thread isn’t just closed.


Thank you :heart: they need to know the internal damage they are doing.


I’ve screenshotted it so if I have to post it on Instagram instead I will :woman_shrugging:


I agree with you, stories like these are unacceptable.
What’s the point of having guidelines, if you’re going to break them again and again?
It’s so wrong to do that.
I mean, come on, please have respect for the rules you put in place.
I hope that Episode does better.
It’s not even April Fools, so we know it’s not a joke, it’s actually a real story and we know for sure many people will be talking about this-and not in a good way.
You have my support 100% and everyone’s who votes this is an awful story and so not OK.


Everything has been thought through with this. Well done. :raised_hands:t3:


Exactly! I’m so disappointed in myself for defending them before because it’s clear they don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.


I kinda had to keep my cool, I was reading my son a book at the same time so needed to stop myself from getting angry :joy:

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Thank you! I agree with everything you’ve said here :+1: Sadly, I just don’t think the Episode team gives a single damn about what they’re doing anymore. The community has been complaining about this for god knows how long and Episode must know about it by now but they still decide to promote terrible story after terrible story and violating their own guidelines. I don’t think anything’s going to change, unless they get sued or something.

All we can really do is stop supporting them :pensive:

EDIT: I deleted the app. I’m not interested in supporting such crap. Even if I’m just one customer who didn’t even buy any passes or gems ever, they at least won’t be getting any ad revenue from me anymore. I stopped going on it a while ago anyway, especially since Choices came along (god bless that app and its amazing writers) (:


I’m fine if they start letting us do these ourselves.


Sadly it may take a majority of us to leave for them to realise what they are doing. Morality needs to come before money and I think they need to be reminded of that.


Personally, I disagree with you there because the stories they’re making are teaching children the wrong thing, since the app is for 13+.


I disagree. If the app is for 13+, no one should have access to stories written with that level of maturity.


I haven’t read that story, OP, what’s in it that’s inappropriate?

This is out of topic girlies, @WinterMoon05 and @AJ_PELZER but there will be shelf with adult stories I just saw the post on insta.

Aand I completely agree with this opinion.
100% support


Agree. I think that would be wonderful.
And before anyone says anything, I’m not condoning this story, I disagree with the double standards.