Dear Ink Writers.... (An open letter from a LL author)



Hello Epy Community!
As a creator, I see a lot of things, however, I don’t always speak up. But this topic is something that I feel needs to be addressed so I am going to address it! Every time Episode releases something the pertains Limelight, the majority of the comments are actually from Ink authors. These authors are very rude and selfish, saying thing like (and I quote) “WHY NOT MORE INK STUFF :rage:” and “WE NEED THIS IN INK”. You can literally find these comments under any LL release. I don’t think that these are the feelings of every single ink author, however a good portion are always attacking LL and that’s not cool. We are a COMMUNITY, so why do we have authors be so selfish, when ink had the one of the biggest (if not the biggest) closet out of ALL the styles? I’m just so APPALLED that some of these authors have the audacity to say that they’re running out of outfits to make and LL is so versatile when our closet is so small.

Just to reiterate, this is not a post attacking anyone, I’ve written in both styles. This is a discussion post so feel free to comment how you feel on this topic in a RESPECTFUL manner. Let’s all just voice our opinions :kissing_heart:

Stop whining about INK updates
Complaining about INK

Yeah I write and INK and LL and like… INK has been out for over a year now, the reason all this limelight stuff is coming out is because limelight is a new style and it needs more stuff, there’s a PAINFULLY small amount of limelight clothing. Plus they already said they’re done making new ink stuff, just like they stopped releasing new classic stuff


Ah, this is very true. Although, they do add some LL outfits to Ink so I don’t know why they are complaining? I mean LL is developing, do they not see that? I agree on this.


I agree and disagree with your point.

I am a huge INK fan and definitely prefer INK to LL. A lot of surveys and polls have shown (obviously it’s not 100% accurate) the Episode community likes INK more than LL but Episode is a business and has to move on, even though it will be hard to for all the INK lovers.

I agree, Limelight does need more clothes (like, where the sneakers at?!) but INK needs more features too. They both need to be updated and after a while INK won’t be updated anymore so the INK fans are just eager to get each update for their favourite style. :frowning:

Yes, a lot of INK fans ask for INK updates when LL is updated but LL fans sometimes do it to INK too when INK is updated. On the recent update for INK with the summer theme, there were a couple LL fans complaining and asking for more updates for them. Both fans want theirs updated! :woman_shrugging:t3:

~ Winter :snowflake:


Okay, so… that turned out a lot longer than I’d expected. :upside_down_face:


Girl, you are 100% right!


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Yes, both styles need have some thing that need to be added to their catalogue. But if you go to LL’s catalogue, we have literally nothing on Ink. LL doesn’t have the basics, Ink does. Just because Ink might not have chokers (I don’t know what they’re missing) , you can’t compare that to LL to not having police uniforms and sneakers. And I just checked on the creators page and there are virtually no LL authors coming onto Ink’s release page and making comments like the one I posted above. But if you could find some comments like that I would love to see them.


Why can’t they release a little bit for both each time they do a release? :thinking:


While LL may not have some of the basics (e.g. wedding dresses, trainers), they have more job clothes and maternity clothes. They just got fire officers clothes and lots of others for jobs which INK doesn’t have. Ink does have more clothes because it’s older but it will eventually be no longer updated, then the LL fans will be the only ones getting updated so I think it’s fair that INK fans are eager for updates since they won’t be for much longer.

Also, I have found one comment on the beach day INK release thread:
(I’m not trying to call this person out by the way - that’s why I cut off their name and profile picture.)

~ Winter :snowflake:


:joy: I guess that would be a good compromise. However, I don’t think they want to give too much a way at a given time. They’re trying to stretch their releases maybe


I could honestly find you at least two comments under any given LL release coming at the creators for not having Ink clothes. And of course LL is getting all the new updates and all the new and more modern stuff because it’s the most current style! All I’m saying is that ink is old and LL is the newest style. So why try to steal the spotlight away when Ink has had it’s turn to shine?


I guess so. I use both so pretty much each release I get something I can use, so I can’t complain


I’m not trying to get you to find comments of INK people asking for updates on LL update threads. I’ve seen it. They’re not trying to steal the spotlight, they probably just want INK updates because they know it won’t be for much longer. Limelight will have the light all to itself with updates in a while, Classic updates are done and soon INK updates will be too so INK fans are trying to get as many updates as possible. Then LL fans can get all their updates.

I’m not against Limelight - I have a story published in Limelight. I just prefer INK. And I know Limelight doesn’t have many clothing choices, but they definitely have better hair choices in some ways, I love the ombré one. And they obviously still have more updates to come.

I have nothing against Limelight, I’m just an INK lover. But one day that may change. It will probably turn out like what’s happened to Classic. :woman_shrugging:t3:

~ Winter :snowflake:


My point is that since they put LL out, thy why can’t the creators focus on LL without some ink authors coming to attack them. LL people don’t react that way when it’s vice versa. LL shouldn’t have to wait until INK is done until we can get our updates, and that’s not how the creators set up the releases. That’s my opinion. I don’t think that it’s fair for Ink writers to come can say “What about ink? What about us? Where’s our release?” right after they just got two release in a row. These authors are representing the ink community badly.

And I’m also not against ink. I’m just saying that I’m tired of seeing these angry ink fans under every LL release.


Some LL people do react that way. An example above. Also, Limelight creators can focus on LL - the INK authors don’t attack them. They just want updates. LL isn’t going to wait, they’re getting releases almost every week. INK’s surprise ones last week and the week before were complained about by LL fans. This isn’t fair as INK hadn’t gotten an update in ages while LL got updates every week.

I don’t think it’s fair to say they’re representing the INK community badly and I know some INK fans do ask those questions but who can blame them, honestly? Their updates will eventually run out, it was meant to be finished this year but Episode still had releases. Limelight has many updates to come, and is probably going to end up with more options for bettering the Episode experience (outfits, animations and looks) than INK, if I’m honest.

We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this. :woman_shrugging:t3:


This all seems a bit dramatic, in the end Episode is gonna do whatever the fuck it wants and I don’t think they care enough for a few complainers/commenters to make a difference.


That’s true :relaxed: