Dear Ink Writers.... (An open letter from a LL author)

I think the best thing they can do is release all of the Ink assets they have in one big update, since they’ve said they won’t be making anymore new assets, and then just focus on building up Limelight. LimeLight would get the attention it needs to be the style the Episode team seems to aspire to (and kind of promised us right?) and authors who prefer Ink will have everything possible available to them. Anyone complaining after that is just being obstinate and would probably find something to complain about anyway.


when did they say they were done making new INK stuff?

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They have actually released Rompers and Sandals for the Style, INK.
And that is correct, they have never said they were done with the style.

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Actually they stated they wouldn’t be adding any new content, only adding old items/actions that haven’t been added yet.

Hopefully I linked that right :see_no_evil:


Biggest Limelight disadvantage is loop animations. Every single animation literally has loop in it.
It makes it harder to write an actual dialogue. So INK forever. :peace_symbol:

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Each art style uses whats called a rig. These rigs are like skeletons for the characters and we build the clothes, hair, animations, etc specifically for each rig. To do what you are asking we’d actually have to build 2 of everything. Its linked here, but you should see my post about why we aren’t developing any more new assets for Ink.

Essentially, Ink has been out for a long time. It uses older tech, is slower and harder to build. Limelight lets our art team build thing faster and do more with the rigs. In addition it based off of newer technology - technology we need to keep up with as a mobile app.


I didn’t necessarily mean two of everything. I kind of like how Limelight and Ink have different clothes anyway. I just meant that if you were going to release 8 clothes, for example, 4 could be ink tops and 4 could be limelight shoes, say. But I appreciate your explanation, it’s interesting to know how it all works :blush:


I don’t think they’re done INK, they’re just promoting LL due to it being the new style
I like the style of LL, it’s clear and the babyfaces are kinda adorable :heart_eyes:
INK is fine, but if i had to choose it’d be LL.


Nah babe, they are no longer developing new assets for Ink, it’s done.


Yes. I noticed as well some people are just rude.
@Echo_D I completely agree with you!
Many, many features and assets in Suggestions on the old forum were asked by authors to add it to INK, but instead they were updated for Limelight. That’s when it comes frustration of some people because they support this for certain style but it got updated for LL, it’s kinda painful. You have so much to look forward to! Probably different body types and many other surprises. I just wish they would complete the INK style before releasing LL if they’re not creating new assets for it. LL had a lot of great updates for weeks and we had none, but that doesn’t change a fact the people should be nicer about it. I’m always patiently waiting. Remember we were waiting years for this, it takes time to create assets and check if they working alright, although like Liz mentioned it’s easier to create stuff now so updates for this style should be more frequent than we had in INK. When I was first joined the community I was waiting months(!) for a new stuff. So ignore this rude people because not all of us are like that :slight_smile:


When Episode updates INK:
Some members: “What about Limelight? :’( All you guys do is update INK, smh.”

When Episode updates Limelight:
Some members: “What about INK? :’( All you guys do is update Limelight, smh”

When Episode updates Classic:
Oh wait…


Episode already said that they have stopped working on Ink in order to advance technologically

LOL, that was my comment!
I understand where your coming from.

I recently talked to an INK author, and my opinion has changed (slightly). Since Episode is longer creating INK assets, why not just one huge update?

I’m tired every Thursday of seeing INK releases, like they made a 4 part INK release over many weeks, instead of just uploading them all at once.

They need to quickly give INK authors their outfits they want, then focus on Limelight.

It’s better for everyone :slight_smile:


I know lol. :joy:
I agree. They should do one big release for all the last INK updates, I understand it could be annoying for the Limelight fans. :slight_smile:


Yeah. It’s especially annoying knowing that they’re basically “holding out”. They have everything, they just don’t want to give it up all at once.

It’s a bit unfair, in my opinion.


@alphard is cry_sob
ALPHARD (talk_disagree)
Classic deserves some love too!!!
@alphard is cry_sob



I don’t understand stuff like this. Of course Episode is going to focus on Limelight…it’s the newest thing. It’ll fade in popularity no doubt when the next style comes out, whenever that will be.

I don’t like when people complain about there being “too many stories in Limelight”. If you want there to be more stories in classic or Ink…make them! Hunt them down, support them, share them, be proactive! Just asking for more of something isn’t going to do anything but tell the author something superficial you don’t like about their story. It’s not really that helpful.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with casual venting/wishing for more Ink content from time to time, but it’s a very prominent topic I’ve noticed.


You are not wrong, at all. I fully agree with you. What you said actually reminds me of this famous quote:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Gandhi

We should work with what we got. Episode can’t move forward if they stay in one place. If we want something to change, then we need to be that change, through actions rather than words. For example, Classic is my favorite style and even if it’s not being updated anymore, I understand the decision behind it. And I still support it, promote it, share stories about the old Classic style as I do with Spotlight, Ink, and Limelight or any story regardless of their style. In the end, it’s all about the doing, rather than the talking, and it helps to have an open mind and be open to other things, too.


This is a good attitude to have. I personally don’t like the classic style at all, but I understand a lot of people still like it and want to see more of it. I try not to judge a story by the style it’s done in. I’ve read a few classic stories that were really well done that I almost didn’t bother to read.

I think it’s good to go into stuff with an open mind. If a story is quality, even if I don’t like the style, I’ll still try to support the author.