Dear Ink Writers.... (An open letter from a LL author)



I feel like Limelight’s animation is slow. It isn’t always so bad, but it isn’t nearly as pleasant to watch as ink’s animation. The shrug is one of my favorites, lol. Makes the most sense, but the dustoff is kinda weird now that I think about it. I don’t like how the do the point up animation or walking/running. I just feel like it is too slow, too…uh, it’s kinda rotoscope-y. It feels like if flash COULD rotoscope, Limelight is what that’d look like and it’s not that great just like actual rotoscoping is that great, lol.


I really wish they work on them. I am sure if they do that more people will like LL and even begin using it.


I’ll use it someday. I was pretty eager at the beginning, I only chose ink for my first story cause ink was the first story I ever read on Episode. I saw how it looked and anything new intimidates me. I need to be EASED into it, and at first, I wasn’t big on the whole thing, but it grew on me, as did Limelight. XDXD


I love the colors, especially the diverse skintones. I just want them to work on the animations to be honest and then I might just use it, because right now they look like they are falling apart.


Nothing displays the slowness of LL better than watching the punching animations. They look more like a dance than a fight


I haven’t seen them punch in LL. I’ll check it out in the art catalog


Ya know…I will one day. Jesus. Right now, all I can get is this:

I’ll take your word for it, though. XD