Dear Ink Writers.... (An open letter from a LL author)

Yeah. It’s especially annoying knowing that they’re basically “holding out”. They have everything, they just don’t want to give it up all at once.

It’s a bit unfair, in my opinion.


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Classic deserves some love too!!!
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I don’t understand stuff like this. Of course Episode is going to focus on Limelight…it’s the newest thing. It’ll fade in popularity no doubt when the next style comes out, whenever that will be.

I don’t like when people complain about there being “too many stories in Limelight”. If you want there to be more stories in classic or Ink…make them! Hunt them down, support them, share them, be proactive! Just asking for more of something isn’t going to do anything but tell the author something superficial you don’t like about their story. It’s not really that helpful.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with casual venting/wishing for more Ink content from time to time, but it’s a very prominent topic I’ve noticed.


You are not wrong, at all. I fully agree with you. What you said actually reminds me of this famous quote:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Gandhi

We should work with what we got. Episode can’t move forward if they stay in one place. If we want something to change, then we need to be that change, through actions rather than words. For example, Classic is my favorite style and even if it’s not being updated anymore, I understand the decision behind it. And I still support it, promote it, share stories about the old Classic style as I do with Spotlight, Ink, and Limelight or any story regardless of their style. In the end, it’s all about the doing, rather than the talking, and it helps to have an open mind and be open to other things, too.


This is a good attitude to have. I personally don’t like the classic style at all, but I understand a lot of people still like it and want to see more of it. I try not to judge a story by the style it’s done in. I’ve read a few classic stories that were really well done that I almost didn’t bother to read.

I think it’s good to go into stuff with an open mind. If a story is quality, even if I don’t like the style, I’ll still try to support the author.


Haha, no, I completely understand.

I do still stand by my original point - if they want more Ink, they should focus on supporting and promoting instead of trash talking LL. To be honest…I don’t get the LL hate, like….at all. It’s smooth, it has a very pleasant color pallet, its easy on the eyes.

I understand how someone could prefer Ink, but to boycott LL entirely? You’re right – it does seem childish. And it’s a real shame, too! They’re willfully missing out on some good stories because of something this silly.

Like, I personally cannot stand classic. It’s clunky, the faces are so awkwardly constructed (Especially the male’s chins–what the heck went wrong there?), the color scheme is muddy and unpleasant, I just don’t like it. But some of my favorite stories on here are done in classic. I still read them, because even if on the surface I don’t care for the style, I try to judge a story by its content – not the skin the author just happened to use.

I just wish people thought of these things constructively. It’s reductive to think that bashing or harassing LL authors will somehow make Ink more popular again. :dizzy_face:


I don’t think in the long run it will effect LL too badly. A lot of people are vocal about their dislike, but I think the app goes by reads. LL stories are still getting a ton of them, and they’re still promoting it in their featured stories a lot. I don’t think we have much to worry about.

Ink had its time in the lime light, so to speak, and I think people are just salty there’s a new, shinier, version that’s arresting everyone’s attention.

To be honest, I think it’s great they even have the option to keep making new stories in old styles. A lot of places wouldn’t see it as lucrative, and try to phase the old stuff out entirely.


I don’t agree with the hating, but please remember that as an INK writer myself, it seems as if LL is being forced on us.
There have been no updates to INK, while LL is getting the things we asked for ages ago.
When LL was introduced, my profile automatically sent me to my avator and had it changed to a LL one. There was no “cancel” button either. My avator is my logo, so it’s essential I keep it as it is. To prevent it from being changed, I had to shut down the app. Over the next few weeks, I had to do this several more times. It was basically telling me “you’re having a Limelight avator, wheither you like it or not.” It’s also ridiculous as I never use limelight. Several people gave in and changed it because they felt they had no choice. I fought it and eventually (after several days of forcibly shutting down my app) they stopped trying to force it.
I asked Episode if people can change back last year and they said they would make it possible to switch back to INK avators. A year later and they’ve done nothing. If you join Episode, LL is the only avator you can chose. I can’t even edit mine as it takes me to a LL avator without a cancel button. So, it seems like they’re still forcing LL on me. I’m scared I may accidentally touch the “done” button and be stuck with a LL avator. I can’t help but wonder how many INK writers did this and have to have an avator in the style they don’t want.
Again, I don’t agree with the hate, but Episode is treating us INK writers with contempt. Despite our protests, nothing has been done to rectify our problems. I don’t hate LL, but it’s not my preferred style. I just think Episode is becoming too Limelight-orientated and I can understand people’s frustration at them, particularly when they ignore our complaints.


When you’re a classic writer :joy:. I’ve seen a few people say they feel LL is being pushed towards them or they are being forced to use it. Just think how a classic writer felt when ink came out. That’s all I’m saying :woman_shrugging:


And I agree. An an ink writer, I feel for the classic writers. I don’t think any style should be given the shaft. Doesn’t make it right to do it to ink because they did it to classic.

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Not to mention, even now, classic gets the most hate. :joy: (Including from me! Sorry, lol!)


That really sucks! I’m sorry you can’t change your avatar back. I hope they get to fixing that soon. By the looks of things, it’ll probably be awhile, though. Staff is pretty overwhelmed right now with image requests and tickets, it seems.


Thanks. I just feel like ink writers are trying to advocate for their style so that what happens to classic, doesn’t happen to ink, I think that’s why they might take a rude approach in the comments. I have a lot of anger about how my preferred style got squashed out, but there is nothing I can do. There used to be such good classic writers that have been driven away, it’s sad, but the way episode handles it all is why this is happening.

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Don’t worry, I never changed it. I almost did when I thought I had no choice, there being no cancel. I almost gave in, but then I just shut down the app and didn’t come back for two days. But even then, I couldn’t even touch my profile without it taking me to the LL avator (without the cancel button.) so I was forcibly shutting down a LOT of times.

That’s so incredibly annoying. They should at least give you an in-app option to go back. :roll_eyes:

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I don’t agree with hateful comments, but Episode basically ignore complaints about Ink and classic. They do have a right to protest. Maybe not in the way they’re doing.

I just think that’s why they comment those things, but I’m not an ink writer so I don’t necessarily see their standpoint. Episode has a lot of things they need to improve on, people are voicing there opinions and it often is ignored or not recognized.

Yeah well I think it’s a pissweak excuse for saying, “we’re focussing on LL now and we’d prefer you use it instead.”

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I doubt that

I think my biggest issue with ink writers is that even though Episode has made it clear that the ink library will not be getting any new updates, some writers still complain that they feel neglected because ink is being ignored/forgotten. I realize it’s not ideal to have your favorite style “replaced” by a newer alternative, but no amount of complaining is going to convince Episode to update ink because they literally can’t. Please refer to the following explanation by Liz for clarification: