Dear readers, answer this question please


I was wondering if you guys like reading the, "this story uses sound, “this story contains mature themes” “screenshot your favorite moments” intro in EVERY chapter
Or do you just prefer it to be in one chapter and leave it alone after that.


I don’t mind when they’re in all the chapters. :wink:


thanks for your response :slight_smile:


Np! :grin:


I never really liked them, which is why I never put them in my own stories. But if I compare my stories to those that include it, I feel like the splashes make them look more professional and at the end of the day, it takes 5 seconds reading in each chapter


They don’t bother me at all. I think it’s a good reminder before each chapter starts.


I don’t mind having the splashes in every chapter it just gives us warning about the certain things…
So, I don’t really mind them…


Personally, I feel like the author should only put it in the first chapter.
I am impatient, and all I want to do is get back into the story without seeing “warning! mature content!” “turn sound on” “don’t tap too fast” “follow me on IG” “take a screenshot” before every chapter! I just find it to be annoying after a while.


I think it’s good to these splashes in each chapter…readers, sometimes u know forget that the story uses sound and they keep their volume down and cannot u know experience it properly.


If it’s going to be in every chapter I always feel like saying: “For God’s sake, why are these splashes so long to get through?! :persevere: I was already forced to watch two or three 30s ads before this! I see these splashes in every story and every chapter already. I can check for music and sound without you telling me about it constantly and I’ll take screenshots whenever I feel like it, same goes for your social media handles, there’s no need for you to tell me all this! Just get to the story! Please, I beg you!”

Ok, that’s pretty dramatic. But I think as long as you make it very short and all in one nice splash like “Welcome! This story contains mature themes, music, sound, and screenshot-worthy moments. Follow me on [insert social media handles here]. Tap slowly and enjoy.” That’s enough for me :smile:


hmmm I might do that !


Adrenaline & dripping mascara in a nutshell


It doesn’t bother me if they are in all the chapters or just the first one.


I don’t mind that. I think it’s the author’s artistic way of welcoming the reader back into the story.


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