Dear Readers, what do you DISLIKE about some stories that you read?


Hey everyone, I’m an author and a reader but as an author, i want to know what readers dislike in a story. I’ll start it off first.


I dislike when authors make some choices sooo predictable, like omg nooo.


I generally don’t really have many things that annoy me when I read, except decent grammar. I’m usually really open to things most writers do and respect their style of writing. That said there are 2 things that really bother me.

  1. When dress up games take foreverrr. Like you try 1 thing and it pauses, strike a pose, zoom from feet to head slowly and it does this for every outfit option. I usually end up picking the first one even if it’s fugly because I hate spending 5 minutes picking an outfit when it won’t affect the story in any way.

  2. When they give you choices and end up doing the opposite thing you pick anyways. Choices are really something I’m not picky with stories, having a lot or barely any doesn’t bother me at all. But if you ask if I want to go on a date with Brad and I say no but 2 scenes later I’m calling him for a date, it’s annoying. If you want something to happen then do it, don’t make fake choices.

I think that’s it :thinking:


Bad directing :sleeping: I hate it when I’m reading a story and the directing isn’t good it really takes away from the story


Hey, thanks for your response. So in my story I have dress up games (usually 2-3 outfits you can choose from) and I have 3 MC’s . Anyways, in my story when a character changes I usually have them exit and then itll zoom onto their outfits (about 5 seconds long per outfit) but I do that so you can see their full outfit. I don’t have them strike a pose or anything lol , would that annoy you?


What REALLY nags me on is when the authors forget to add an animation to a dialogue. Like, DO THEY NOT USE THEIR LIPS WHEN THEY TALK??


I can’t stand stories without choices. I dislike rushed storylines as well. Mc see bad boy in episode 1. Than at the end of episode 2 they’re madly in love. :roll_eyes: Another thing that grinds my gears, no matter who MC date their love interest is filthy rich. I have more but that’s it for now lol.


I wouldn’t worry about it, I think it’s just one of my weird pet peeves :sweat_smile:. I don’t mind the few second long pauses, it’s just the overly long ones that annoy me. I once read a story that gave like 10 outfit choices and each one had such slow changing and zooming. There was no way I was looking at them all :confounded:


Ohh… that’s one of my pet peeves as a reviewer and reader.


Poor directing, bad grammar, repetitive animations or speech bubbles with no animation, and speech bubble placement.




There are alot of things that I DISLIKE in a story

1-Short Episode Im not talking about those 4-5 mins Im talking about the short episode that it takes you a min to read or less

2-Bad Directing. Sometimes authors have very nice stories and unique but unfortuneatly the directing isnt good like when they walk they walk on each other…

3-Choices that dont matter. you know those choices that it give two options either to do it or not so in alot of stories when you want to do that something IT doesnt for examplel I need to say something very important to my friend and the author gives me two choices either to say or not to say so I picked say and it doesnt say…Im not saying that you have to change the whole story because I said sth you can let me say it but in reality it doesnt matter or affect the story ending…

4-Clothes choices using the same same clothes everyday like its boring and sometimes IT TAKES FOREVER for the character to change like when she leaves the screen to change and then we have to wait million of years until its back

5-No events there are authors who would waste a whole episode just to show us the chracters day routine and then boom the end

6-Blurry Backgrounds you know we can upload our own background and it either be approved or disapproved so some authors upload blurry not clear backgrounds like seriously we want sth clear and not blurry

7-Same animation there are some authors who use the same animation and dont even try to change…so it becomes boring

8-Quick events like lets say this story it about a gang (Like the other romance gang stories) from the first episode she gents kidnapped and then from the first few days the leader starts to like her and then he is in love with her and all of that in one episode in that case I feel like the story is weak and the author doesnt have a new idea to show and that the story is similiar to the others maybe if the author added some more events or new idea it would seem that its alittle bit different

I think there is more but my brain is empty…oh by the way I made a similiar topic about what authors have to avoid in their stories and there I talked about a million problem :joy: :joy:

  1. Poor character development…
  2. Everyone is nasty/hateful/rude and no one is relatable. When you find someone that’s actually decent, the main character and even the author makes fun of that person.
  3. Bad directing errors, like forgetting to reset zooms, characters facing the wrong way when they talk, animations that don’t match the situation, (the cough animation for no apparent reason? talk_neutral when someone is angry?) characters on top of each other, SPEECH BUBBLES GETTING CUT OFF---- AUTHORS: Not all of us read on our cell phones. Some of us read on tablets, and it’s very hard to follow the story if the speech bubble is at the far bottom of the screen and whatever the character just revealed got cut off.
  4. Bland dialogues.
  5. Main characters wearing the same outfits all the time.


thank you for your response. as an author i’ll make sure to take all that into consideration


Oh, god, #2 is too right.

I was reading Complicated, and in the FIRST SCENE the MC and her BFF are introduced:

The MC’s (Ainsley) best friend, Litzy, is angrily watching her EX-BOYFRIEND flirt with some girl. Ainsley comments how she should get over him, to which she response that ‘since I’m not over him, he shouldn’t be over me.’ She says that they only broke up a week ago, and that’s the third girl (if you two are broken up, WHY DO YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HIS LOVE LIFE?).
So, our MC’s lovable best friend goes over to her ex-boyfriend and the girl he’s flirting with. Here’s how it (approximately) goes.

Litzy: You must be… Lola?
Girl: Um…
Oh… sorry! You must be Laural? She was blonde too.
Girl: My name is Laura.
Litzy: My apologies, but you can’t blame me… Between you and I, you’re the 3rd blonde he screwed this week. It must be fun being a stop along the way, right? I’m a final destination, so I never know how it feels.

Ex-boyfriend, Derek, asks her what her problem is, since they broke up… She denies any sort of ‘problem.’ That girl, Laura asks Derek if he’s going to pick her up after cheer tryouts, and as Litzy is the cheer captain, just tells her right there that she won’t be on the team. The girl starts crying because of that.

Maybe this is supposed to be played off for laughs. Or maybe the author is trying to make Litzy come off as some… sassy, badass chick. But, I mean… I didn’t find it funny, I just found it cruel. And it made me immediately dislike this character.
I don’t know who broke up with who, but, either way it’s not good. She broke up with him? Now she’s after him again, sending quite the mixed message. He broke up with her? She’s putting her nose in his private life, when he’s clearly just trying to get her away from him.

I read more of the story, but my opinion on that character still hasn’t changed - I really dislike her, and, well, a lot of other characters in the story, too. They’re not likable or relateable at all.


this was longer than anticipated. woops.


I totally agree. That scene would actually be promoting bullying and verbal harassment. That is not right at all.


I haven’t even read that story, and I already dislike it.


Me too.


Definently loathe number 2
Whats wrong with making a likeable relatable character. When a characters nice they get labeld as weak and need to “transform into a badass(rude to everyone and irresponsible)” its annoying