Dear Santa... 🎄

  • @fraud gave me idea because I readed her/his title wrong :joy:*

Hello! I would like to welcome you to…

This thread is for…
Your christmas wishlist :present:! Here you can get ideas and share your ideas for christmas wishlist.
I know that it is like 5th of the November but never is wrong time for christmas!

Basically my list has a lot of items (Not that I am going to edit everyday because I will :joy:)

Elizabeth’s Christmas Wishlist:

1. Vans’s shoes
2. Phone screen repair
3. Ariana Grande Merch
4. Pink hoodies
5. Kylie Jenner’s Lip Gloss
6. Pink Basic Makeup Bag
7. Vans’s Backpack
8. Light box

But are you even waiting for Christmas ??? :joy:

  • Yasssss
  • Nope

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Happy Wishlisting


Wish list:
A will to live


So true :joy:

I’m not being relatable. I actually need one.


My wish list~

:sparkles: happiness and confidence for my mum
:sparkles: for my sister to feel 110% always loved

Other than that, I really don’t want anything else. I feel like I have everything I need and want. Maybe a laptop, but I don’t really, really want that.


It’s so sweet

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My Wish list UwU:
Uwu : For my family an friends to be heathly and happy and… that nothing bad happens to them and I’m adding myself to that too I FUCKING LOVE THEM WITH MY WHOLE HEART :sneezing_face::heart:
Uwu 2 :joy:: shane an jeffree’s pallet I NEED IT :sob::joy:
uwu 3 :woman_facepalming:t3::sob::joy: : that our chaotic world will just freaking calm down :woman_shrugging:t3:
Uwu 4 :roll_eyes::sob::woman_facepalming:t3:: an iPad :sob::sleepy::joy: and THAT EVERYONE ON THIS FUCKING…earth will be happy :sneezing_face::heart:
U.w.u 5: almost forgot but my fat needs to be tAkEn aWaY :joy:
Am i too cheesy well then if i am screw whoever thinks so i will slap you :sleepy::joy:

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My wish list:

  • The James Charles Palette (at first i thought it was a trash palette but now i want it lmao)
  • Only black clothes (I’m in my goth phase at the moment :vampire:t4:)
  • To see my grandpa & my sister
  • lip gloss, lots and lots and lots of lip gloss

Hmmm, let’s see. I gave my family my amazon wishlist and told them to pick from it.

  • Xbox One with CoD BO4, and a XBLive Gold pass for the year
  • GameStop giftcards
  • CoD Zombies shot glasses :rofl:
  • CoD Zombies Juggernog poster
  • LED lightstrips to backlight my TVs
  • Retro toaster, kettle, jukebox, and mini soda fridge
  • Other video game stuff like statues, actual games, posters, merch, etc
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A new computer (desktop w 256GB or more bc I’m dying w the pc I share w my sister that has 60GB & I feel like my gaming experience will be more enhanced​:weary::ok_hand:t4:)

Pullover hoodies

New decor & comforter set for my bedroom

Nike’s (at least a new pair that I can be ok wearing as everyday wear bc all I wear is sandals, flats, boots, & my other pair of nikes don’t go with most of my outfits very well. Love Nike’s. Easier to find a pair you’ll like & know will go w a lot of outfits.)

At least two new outfits

I rlly want an Xbox too but that’s not gonna happen if I want a new computer. I rather have the computer. So yeah those r the only things I rlly want.


My wish list:
I honestly have no clue, I need ideas. :confused:

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I don’t know :joy::joy:



Skin Care? Money Like She Said, Nail Care. Idk Lmao

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Wish list:
Time to play Episode.


Love your list :joy:

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This is 4real one of the best one here :joy:

Really good ideas :christmas_tree:
I really want nike’s pants but…:sob:

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So me!

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Alll those James and Jeffree’s pallets are just :star::star:

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Yesss that and I’m broke :joy: but if it’s the last thing i do i WILL get that amazing pallet :sob::joy:

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