Dear Singers: Your Ripoffs Are Not Unnoticed

Sure, some are more creative then others, but let’s look at some popular ones.

1.) Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder
The original version of this song is from 1997, and while it isn’t all the same words, the chrous is nearly identical, with one saying “Nobody’s gonna break my stride”, and the other saying “Nobody’s gonna take my pride”. This song is called “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”, by Puff Daddy ft Mase.

So, here is the part where they collide:
Original Version:

2.) I Like It - Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin (huge team, and the song is still merde)
Original version was writen in 196 by Pete Rodriguez, called “I Like It Like That”. The opening part of the chorus in the original song is the exact same part used in the ripoff.

So, here are the parts where they first collide:
Original Version:
Cardi B(itch) Version:
(If it wasn’t super obvious, I absolutley hate Cardi B.)

Uhh… Come at me?

You can say that I suck for pointing this out, and that it wasn’t nessesary, but I wanted to give the original songs their credit. Ya know, the credit they didn’t get from these unneded songs.
(Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down has extensive use of the n-word, so… But you listen to Cardi B, so why am I even pointing this out?)

Alright, leave your thoughts and comments underneath my “Boomer” rant, thank you for reading.

I’m waiting in the corner for someone to say that I wasted my time. I chose to do this, argo, I didn’t waste any time, in my opinion.
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I see this a lot, too. There was one hip hop song that took the melody from an old, classical piece.


don’t for get Memories by Maroon5
its melody is Pachelbel’s Canon in D


That’s the one I noticed. I was kind of shocked at first. I knew I recognized it :joy:.


Don’t forget cAMILA. Pretty much all her songs are ripoffs.


Also Ariana Grande always be ripping off BLACKPINO in her videos and dance moves.

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there are so many more out their… :roll_eyes:
but my question is why?
and why don’t they get in trouble for it
like they get accused yes but that’s it … that I’m aware of
but yet PUBG literally tried to sue Fortnite

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(this is one example)
reason why you can’t really sue a dance move^

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The only one I can remember off the top of my head is Creep by Radiohead. They were sued by someone (I forget who) for having the same “beat”, though I don’t see many similarities.

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Most of her videos are copies of her videos. One famous example is her video God is a Woman, which was uploaded after BLACKPINK’s Whistle. She did the same concept on one scene. There are many examples but I lm not gonna go in THAT road.


Yeah… no.

Obviously, they would get sued for that. But they didn’t, because credit was given.

I’m looking into the music industry, and I take classes that teach us about this.

Basically, what they use is “samples” of the song. The samples are only allowed if they used it in a different way, (to avoid copyright). It can be a douchey thing, but still legal.

Now, I’m not trying to make what they did a good thing, cause it was pretty rude. (They didn’t credit Peter Rod. until they got called out for it :/) But you can’t put the blame all on Cardi B. You may dislike or like her, but it’s not her fault.

She got payed to sing that part in the song, It was originally made by Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

So don’t worry! Those songs got the credit they deserve! Just not in a fair way.

I hope you feel educated after this, no hate was meant to be put out. :relaxed:


Y’all ever heard of samples?


I hate to say this, but Ariana Grande is nowhere near original.

I don’t listen to BLACKPINK, or have seen any music video, but that’s certainly not the first. In her song “7 rings” she says;

“Write my own checks, like I write what I sing”

But the ironic part is… over 20 people wrote 7 rings. Yikes.

She has such a beautiful voice, I just wish she can be independent and orginal.



That’s what I said, lol. I thought it was a more known thing, apparently not.


Ahaha yeah I was really confused when I clicked on the thread. I thought I may have been missing something, but I feel like it’s something done more often in hip-hop so maybe a lot of them don’t listen to as much hip-hop?


The title of this thread is funny :joy::joy: it’s like a detective found out someone’s secret.

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They might ripoff but you can’t call singers bitch
They are persons ,too you know?

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I know.

It just annoys me becuase the kids think these songs are amazing, but they’re using parts from older (usually better) songs.

Thank you for educating me further on the matter.

I have heard of samples, though I did not have a good grasp on what they were.

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There’s a original song that reallllly sounds like 7 rings