Dea's Official Art Request Thread V2.0 | Covers/Splashes/Character Edits/Art Scenes and More! | Status: Closed atm

1 or 2 weeks at the most

It definitely should be done before 2 weeks :+1:

ok cool take your time


Requests are closed at the moment until I finish the requests up top :blush: the password is also up top ^ in the rules

Its ok :+1: Unless you want to request somewhere else, either way I can add you to the list but are you in any rush for your art scene?

Is it okay if your art scene might be done on wednesday?

@Mya1357 Art Scene done on Monday
@RyRydoezepisode - Ill find a way to finish it today
@spiffymi art scene done on Monday or Tuesday
@MadisonW art scene done on Tuesday or Wednesday

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Ok tha k you

Hey, Dea can I added to the waiting list? Password: Inspired

@Mya1357 Im done with your request!

@RyRydoezepisode im doing yours next!
@PrettyEri ill add you to the waiting list once in finished with the cover request


Style (Ink, Limelight or Classic):ink please
What type of cover? (Real people cover/Episode Characters Based Cover):episode character
Title: The Lonely one
Authors Name: blackshadow
Short Summary of your story (2 -3 sentences would be perfect): The main character runs away from her family because she is different. She is a wolf and her family is one of the most horrifying packs there is.
Any specific backgrounds?: wolfs and woods
Any Specific fonts?: anything that u think can match well =)
Character details (Screenshotted with pose or typed out) OPTIONAL: MC (Skin Tan ) ( Brows seductive arch)
(Hair diva curls) (Color hair charcoal) (Eyes Up turned feline color white) (Face shape soft heart ) (Lips Full Round Color toffee)
Characters outfits (Allowed to do custom outfits):Anything dark and can match =) you can customize
How do you want your cover to look like? It can look like the mc looks sad and there are like wolves around or something similar.
Size? (Small cover, large cover, both): Both
Anything else you want me to add? (Glitters, sparkles etc.): Maybe some sparkles very little though

it would really mean a lot if you can do this. if u have insta

Mine is insta - blackshadow.episodexx

dm me thanks so much =)


Requests are closed atm until I finish the requests up top :blush:

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Waiting list
@RyRydoezepisode ~ Covers
@spiffymi ~ art scenes
@MadisonW ~ Art scenes
@PrettyEri ~ Need details now please

Please be patient and again




Sound splash
Title: Kotton Kandie
Authors Name: prettyeri
Genre?: comedy
Any specific backgrounds?: CgZO3OF
Any specific fonts?: Not really
Character details (Screenshotted with pose or typed out) OPTIONAL:
Same pose as the sample please.
Character details:
Hair: Cornrow Faux Hawk
Skintone dark
brows: Defined Natural
eyes: Upturned Bold
eye color: black
face shape: oval
lips: full round
lip color: plum
nose: Aquiline
Characters outfits (Allowed to do custom outfits): I would like the same outfit as the sample listed in this comment.
How do you want your splash to look like? image
Anything else you want me to add? (Glitters, sparkles etc.): silver sparkles

Do you want the same everything? Including fonts?

Deactivated should I still tell you the request or wait until you finish the request you have now


I can do it since its just text based

Ok thansk I have to give the deets tomorrow though