Dea's Official Art Request Thread V2.0 | Covers/Splashes/Character Edits/Art Scenes and More! | Status: Closed atm





I can do it since its just text based


Ok thansk I have to give the deets tomorrow though


Do you do Limelight art scenes? And can you do kissing ones?


yes i do :blush:*


Thank you so much!


I couldnt draw your request @RyRydoezepisode
But i hope you enjoy!

@Spiffymi your up next!


Your art is so good! :rose:


Password: Inspired
Digital or not?: Digital is ok.
Character details (Image or typed out):

Characters outfits (I do custom outfits): The one in the photo.
What do you want the art scene to look like?: I want her to be looking down at her hand with the sad facial expression in her pic, I want her to have a badge in her hand, not just any old badge, – a CIA Secret Agent’s badge. It should be focusing on her hands holding the badge. this is the background: image
Any references?: the badge should exactly like that, except FBI should be replaced with CIA. They live in America.
Anything else? (Glitter, sparkle etc):: This should be in the Classic Style. The style is the style that the mother is drawn in.


Can I send some details?


As said above, ITS CLOSED FOR NOW
But unless you can be patient I can do your work.


Yay even doe i’m late


Can I have a cover of these two men sitting on a rooftop at night holding hands in art form plz.

Can the title say love kills with shiny blue text and a knife going through the O please.
Can it have LGBT in the corner, quite small. Can I have not have the authors name please.
Can there be stars also, and can the stars be reflecting in there eyes plz? I need it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Thanks in advanced! Can you pm me everything else please :slight_smile:


this is going to be a profile pic, but it’s also gonna be a real life person!

Password: Inspired
Photo of the person:
What do you want me to add?: An outline, and the white things, and neon outline in the back!
Any text?: “Friends don’t LIE!”
Anything else?: Add a watermark please!


Just want to say your art is fabulous. Next time I need a splash, I’ll come here!


What software did you use? As in most commonly…


Password: Inspired
Style (Ink, Limelight or Classic): Limelight
What type of cover? (Real people cover/Episode Characters Based Cover): Real People
Title: Falling Angel
Authors Name: Alien_writes
Short Summary of your story (2 -3 sentences would be perfect): It’s a sort of prologue to my first big story. My MC Anthea is basically a princess in 1800 BC (I know, not historically accurate), and there are different groups of people with powers and stuff like that. So she’s like real powerful, and she’s also got enemies, ya know. So this story is a setup for how a princess from 1800 BC ended up in 2018 with no memory of her past life.
Genre?: Mystery/Fantasy/Romance IDK
Any specific backgrounds?: Anything you see fit
Any Specific fonts?: Nope, just something nice.
Character details (Screenshotted with pose or typed out) OPTIONAL:(I’m describing the limelight characteristics) Straight Light Brown hair, sharp almond green eyes, full lips, square face, broad nose, arched eyebrows.
Characters outfits (Allowed to do custom outfits): Any of the fantasy stuff, dark colors please
How do you want your cover to look like? Er, nice? It’s up to you. Have your creative freedom I’ll just be happy to get it.
Size? (Small cover, large cover, both): both
Anything else you want me to add? (Glitters, sparkles etc.): Magic effects.

If you chose to do it, thank you so much.


Are you still making art?


Hey! Is this thread still open and running? :grin::thinking:


Hey! Is this thread still open? :slight_smile: