Death penalty- thoughts?

Okay, so… I know this is a pretty weird topic to discuss on an Episode Forum but, it is one that interests me a lot and since I have to write a looooong ass essay about it, I figured I would ask for your opinions on this matter.

Are you in favor or against the death penalty and why? How do you feel about the fact that some countries still use it to this day?

Leeet’s discuss!


Death penalty for child molesters, murders, and any rapist deserve it. They all should be locked for a long time untill the finally die. Dont kill them instantly, let them suffer. Is what I believe.


Its great and it should be used in every country :relieved:


It’s a very hard subject to discuss without typing for hours. In the shortened version of my opinion I’d like to say I don’t support the death penalty. In some ways death is the easy way out for criminals, they don’t have to face up to what they’ve done or face punishment such as a prison sentence for the rest of their life. On the other hand putting the criminal to death isn’t going to bring back the person they killed. It may bring closure to the family but all it does is increase the suffering of others.

I cannot speak for people who have had a loved one killed and have went through something like this. My opinion thankfully isn’t based on experience and I know there are people out there who have suffered something like this so my opinion shouldn’t hold as much weight as theirs; if they support they death penalty I don’t mean to disrespect them.


I do agree with it for certain people


The person that kills the person getting put to death will feel awful though and they themselves would be murderers. Does that mean that they will have to be killed? The viscious cirlce continues…


I have mixed thoughts. I’m from Canada, where there is no Death Penalty, however, I love true crime, so here is my opinion: It depends. Though I think there are a lot of unfair verdicts (Jeffrey Dahmer being one), there have also been many cases of people who have been sentenced to the Death Penalty, gotten killed, then proven innocent. If you want to take some time, I’d reccomend this video. It’s just about the Final 24 Hours On Death Row. May give some insight.


I’m a Criminal Justice Major so I might be a bit bias.

I personally am for the death penalty (for murderers with intent/without justification* and murderous cult leaders), but the system is very flawed. For example, appeals after appeals after appeals which are costly. Another example is they might be innocent, however DNA evidence is getting better and I’m optimistic that less and less people will stay on death row due to DNA evidence.

*with intent, with intent I mean- it really sucks, but just because someone is drunk driving does not mean they should get the death penalty if they kill someone.

*without justification, but this I mean non provoked murders. For example, a wife in a fit of rage kills her abusive husband. She is now a murderer but she was protecting herself justifies her taking a life of another. However, if she was planning for months to murder her husband than that’s without justification.


I agree with the death penalty honestly it’s useful especially when someone comes up doing unspeakable things to no extent like it’s needed in my opinion. Heck I think the current death penalty is too soft. They get a last meal? Psh they didn’t let their victims get a last meal. Or a goodbye with their family. Or time to think really deeply before they were killed…so why should they get a piece of humanity :woman_shrugging:t5:


Yes! :clap::clap: There are some very awful people in this world :disappointed_relieved:


There are also some good people.




To be honest, the death penalty is mixed for me. If you execute a murderer, molester or someone who has done something awful, then yes, they deserve it. But they will be getting the easy way out, and there are lots of cases where someone is executed but then found innocent years after their death.


I don’t think there’s anything humane about killing another person (makes you just as worse as the criminal - in my opinion). Death penalties are seriously flawed that’s why even big companies like Pfizer have stopped suppling injections. It costs more money to kill a prisoner than is to just be locked up. Also death is really an easy way out especially if hell doesnt exist :slightly_smiling_face: ANDDD most importantly what if you kill someone innocent there’s been so many cases of people being found innocent after it’s too late.


I see whatcha mean. But I’m just saying I’ve watched a lot of people on death row and the crimes they did was horrific. So I’m just saying why the heck can they go out with a last meal, saying bye to their family, the death penalty hardly hurts I guess because they’re slowly killing you. But hey some people are like serial rapists. I mean did they let their victims say bye to their family? Or get a last meal? I watched this one movie with my mom and what this dude did was so terrible. But he had time to just get ready for his end. But he sure didn’t give his victim time to say bye to her family. So why this is my opinion but why should they go out peacefully? Heck I think the death penalty is too soft anyways. They do terrible stuff yet get all that.
But we all have our opinions on it. Heck I heard I could be cruel with this opinion but I honestly say think about the victims they’re the ones that are hurt more losing someone in such a way.


Obvisouly its sad for victims but, it questions the morality of society values. Geniuine question: how would you feel if an innocent person was to wrongly get the death penalty?

I see it as they should rot in prison rather than get an easy way out. Last meals and saying goodbyes is a luxury - but makes it way more painful as well. You should watch this documentary on BBC iPlayer called life on death row. Loads of inmates actually request not to see their families.

By the way I’m not sympathising w/ criminals but if it’s actually a strain on the economy to put them down than I rather keep them on prison. That money should be used on locates to other services and on ppl who need help.


Well that’s why there’s investigations that last for a while. So there’s ways to find out if they’re innocent or not. And if they’re not the death penalty is the way to go.

Some can care less about prison, and our jails are already overpopulated so why keep them in cells when we need more. Unless we move prisons underground. Now that’s a smart move, and you’re right it is a luxury but they still have that hope in talking to their family one last time something their victims didn’t get. I say get rid of all the ‘last meals’ and saying goodbye they don’t deserve it.

I’ll check it out thanks! But I’m not surprised I mean some really are upset with themselves for what they did and who would want their family members there to watch them be killed?

Hey I say just kill them just kill. I mean spending on the money on stuff to make it less painful is a waste of money. Ik I sound harsh but for real the death penalty and what they do is too humain anyways.


Yeah I just think it’s a paradoxical system. Plus it doesn’t even work. Not in Saudi Arabia not in China and definitely not in the USA.

Each to their own I guess :blush:

Being from California, I’m mostly against it from a public policy standpoint.

The state hasn’t executed anyone since 2006, despite the fact that California alone has over 700 prisoners awaiting execution. In 2017, LA Times did a feature showing everyone on death row and the crimes they’ve committed. It’s oddly fascinating, actually. Link here.

It’s difficult to obtain drugs and getting trained medical personnel to participate in executions. The trial and appeals process is also incredibly lengthy. Because of this, death row inmates are more likely to die in prison than by execution. In 2016, we voted for a bill to expedite the lengthy process. But the state has yet to see an execution.

But, outside the context of being a Californian, and diverting from public policy, I’m still against it.
Yes, DNA evidence certainly helps prosecutors win cases. But too often, forensic science’s reliability is dangerously overstated, and they can still get cases wrong:

  • Among the hundreds of people who have been exonerated by DNA testing since 1989, 45% of them involved misapplied forensic science. (Source).

  • The field of hair analysis has come under scrutiny, prompting the FBI to announce an attempt to reexamine hair evidence of over 2,500 cases. By the time they completed a review of 342 defendant’s cases, they found that FBI examiners gave flawed testimonies in 95% of the 268 trials in which hair analysis was used against the defendant. Thirty-two of which, were death penalty cases. Nine of them had already been executed.

  • Fingerprint and DNA is definitely more reliable than other aspects of forensic science, but they’re still flawed. Two people can have fingerprint so close that experts can’t even tell them apart.
    DNA evidence is also fragile, and can easily be mixed up at crime scenes and at the labs.
    Forensic science labs have a systemic issue of doing the latter; these costly mistakes lead to wrongful prosuctions and convictions, some of which, have the potential to be death penalty cases.

This all isn’t to say though, that we should throw everything out the window. I just believe with all the things considered; the flawed criminal justice system in the U.S., the cost, and faulty evidence used to convict people, the death penalty isn’t worth it.

But from an emotional standpoint, I think it might be better just to keep people guilty of their crimes in the general population section of prisons. I’d rather them suffer.


Thatsteasis said so much of what I’m thinking better than I could (and gave some nice sources), but my feelings are basically this: I don’t have enough faith in the ability of human beings to say that I trust them to correctly determine (without fail) who is innocent and who is guilty, certainly not enough to hand them the power of execution. Long, careful trials can’t remove the fact that humanity will never be omniscient. I don’t think anyone wants violent and sadistic murderers to live while others suffer, but innocents dying is just too heavy a price. It’s a mistake that can’t be undone.