Debatable Violations of the Guidelines


 Ok I'm sort of new to episode. Because I've been working on a story for awhile now but I don't have the nerve to publish it yet. So by me not publishing anything no work is done. So I could be considered a rookie to this still.

  First things first, it's about time I ask a question. I hope this question sets me on the right path to confidence. Small steps. If I get good answers and not insults that should build up my confidence. Yet it'll still be awhile untill I completely believe in myself. Enough introducing, I'm ready to ask.

 So what I've been writing is a bit borderline guideline. So it may be a bit of a violation  (or a lot). So I've been writing a vigilante/ superhero story, and you know how they are? Usually of the action genera.  So it'd be boring to follow all the rules. For example my action includes many gun fights and fist fights. So it's very violent. Totally action packed. 

 But what's an action story without romance? You know how the hero always gets the damsel in distress in the movies? But don't over think that. It's more action than romance.

 But that's where another rule is violated. Because you notice how other stories have sexual scenes. So that's Hollywood. That love generates more action. But this adds to story. It'd be boring without. 

 Wow that's a lot to process. But on top of all that, the action is sci fi. So my story contains all those elements. For example: time travel. 

 So the main question is: how can I justify these minor violations? Or what can I do to allow them? Given that it's sci fi let's suppose the setting time travels to the past. The guidelines would be confusing because it states, "no romance bellow 16. No main character below 13". But it's unclear which version of the MC. 
    What if the past MC falls in love? Or if the your past MC became you? Because in theory 1 thing changes everything. So maybe your MC never becomes him; therefore making the past MC the new MC. Or say we actually went into the future? There for the character would be younger than required but in that time he's older. 

 Time travel was just an example. It could be anything similar to that. Something that breaks the rules but never really breaks them. I confuse even myself. I hope you understand. But in conclusion, how would I bring back the broken pieces of the rules into the rules?


Hey, I never heard of a rule saying romances can’t be below 16-wow, I really need to read the guidelines in more detail…and MC can be under 13, I believe, it’s just that authors on the Episode Platform must be 13 or older to write stories. So if you are 13 to 17 years of age, according to Episode guidelines, you must have parental permission to submit and publish your story.

So it’d be boring to follow all the rules.

When you say this, it sounds like a nice statement but rules are set in place and must be adhered to : )

You can justify them as much as you like, and even put them in your story and publish them, however there is a risk that your story could be banned for the slightest violation. It’s just the way it is.

Anyway, good luck with everything!


Thanks. That answers my question. I’ll change things so it is more in the Guidelines.


Ok, so… couple of things…

  1. You are right about the no MC under 13 rule (although this can depend on your time travel. For example… Hidden Shadows, which is on the shelf this week, has her MC’s age. So for the first few chapters, they are quite young, but a lot of this is to set the plot, so if you do something similar you should be fine)

  2. The gun fights and fist fights should be fine, as they are relevant to the plot by the sounds of it. As long as you’re not narrating a who bunch of guts and gore while the scene takes place, there shouldn’t be a problem. After all, why do we have all the gun shooting and punching animations if they were breaking guidelines all the time?

  3. “Love” scenes, are ok, as long as you’re not too detailed. Several featured stories include this, so you can always read one to see how Episode does it, so you know where to draw the line. I believe I read somewhere the rule was that you can have your characters kissing in bed in their underwear and then fade to black and that’s it. I think then you’re allowed to say things like “that was amazing” but you just can’t really get more detailed than that with your describing (which you wouldn’t really need to anyway).

And just a final note, you can send support a copy of your script and just ask them if you have violated any guidelines. They’d be the ones to know the true answer, although to me it doesn’t sound like you’ll really need to break the guidelines with the plans you have.