Decision Making


Okay y’all, here is the dealio. I’ve been writing a story (Maneater) which currently consists of 5 chapters. Here is the problem:
Although I like what I have produced already, I have thought of an elevated plot that wouldn’t make sense if I were to implement it now. I am much more inspired by this new plot and I believe it is a lot more exciting…
However, I don’t know what I should do with the current story-
Do I revamp ALL of the chapters so far?
Do I create an entirely new story?
Do I find a way to incorporate the new plot?
Do I delete Maneater?
It’s a struggle because I know people are enjoying the current plot :confused:
Could anyone give me some advice?


I think that you should make a new story.


Make a new story, but if its too related to the original plot of Maneater, make it like a prequel or sequel, or a story that is happening the same time as Maneater in the same world.