Deep questions that require long thinking

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always asked myself some existential questions. “Where are the stars?” “what really is a black hole?” “can there be life without water?” “do alternate universes really do exist?”, and etc. I think that taking some time to reflect on social and scientifical issues or mysteries is a good way to kill some time. I find it peaceful, emotional and relaxing. Which is my in this post, I will ask you (and myself) some questions that I think can take quite some time for you to answer. There are no bad or wrong answers, as those questions are 100% figurative.

So, if you are interested, I’d like to ask you to read the following questions and deeply think about your answer. It can be short, or very long; there are no limits here. You don’t even have to post your answer if you don’t feel like it. There are many ways in which you can interpret the following questions. As I said, there are no limits here. :blush: Under each question, there are some “clarifications” (about the context the question takes place in), in case you want to really follow my track. But you don’t have to interpret the question in that specific way.

1. What if we rid humanity of “bad” emotions?

Take into account all the feelings you would never want to feel again, like deep pain, sadness, guilt… what would happen if all you were to feel was pure neutrality or happiness?

2. If you had the opportunity, would you clone yourself?

For medical use, for pure amusement, simply… would you find it ethical?

3. Would you rather live in a world where everybody is (without exception) nice but so are you or in a world where everybody can say what they think and so can you?

Hateful comments are very hurtful. Sometimes, what people think of us bothers us, and we can’t help the need to be liked by all (for some people). Imagine you were in a world where you could think freely, but you would never be able to tell straight to someone’s face what you think of them or a situation. But, nobody could do it to you. What would you prefer, restraint or honesty?

4. Would you rather die before everybody you love does or die after they do?

(Pretty extreme situation.) Think about it. Would you rather endure all the pain of all the mourning for everyone you love – who would die before you do – just so you could spare them of having to go through all that same grief? Basically, escape the pain and impose it on everyone you love, or take it all so they can escape it?

Notice all the ifs? :wink:

I know this isn’t a lot of questions, but I think it’s already a lot if you really take the time to think about it. You can share some questions you would like me to add on here so that you can get answers (if you had been asking yourself said questions for a while now).

Hope you like all this thinking and that you come to a few realizations about yourself and the world around you :slight_smile:

(I won’t answer or give my opinion about your answers, because as I said there are no good ones, so don’t worry if I don’t answer to you.)

  1. If we got rid of all bad emotions there wouldn’t be any good. After all we measure good emotions by the bad. Only neutral emotions would be there.
  2. I would make lots of clones one to live my normal life, another 2-3 to make income for a house. Then I could live a full life filled with lots of excitement.
  3. I would rather have everyone honest instead of being fake. Sure people have a lot of hate but we would be able to get to the root of problems. If there was a rude person so what? If someone is facing a difficult situation, we could help them.
  4. I would die before my loved ones. Though it would be tough for them to live without me. I don’t think I would be able to live without them.
  1. Most bad emotions are intended to teach us things, and evolved that way for a reason, so I’d rather keep them. “Hut fell. Feel sad. Build better next time.” -Caveman brain

  2. First, I’d point out that if my brain was cloned, then the clone should have as many human rights as a baby, so I wouldn’t harvest her organs or anything (besides, it has to be easier to just clone one organ in a petri dish). If I was to clone myself, it would have to be better cloning technology than we have now (cloning using aged cells causes premature aging, like what happened with Dolly the sheep). Even if cloning worked… why lol? Dolly the sheep, at least, was cloned into an egg cell, so she was born as a lamb. If I wanted a baby, I could have “pure amusement” making one of those the old-fashioned way. :wink:

  3. Even though I’m pretty thin-skinned, I wouldn’t give up free expression. Sometime situations are bad, and those times, you’ve got to tell each other “this is bad, that person is doing something wrong.”

  4. You can recover from grief, but you can’t recover from death. It would be a huge obstacle, but my loved ones could process and handle losing me. I’d rather die to give them another sunrise, another chance to see cute puppies, more years to achieve goals, etc etc.
    (I guess this kinda depends on the scenario of the question, though; maybe if we were all elderly, about to die within weeks of each other, maybe I’d reverse my answer. If it’s only a few weeks, and we’ve all lived full lives, maybe I’d bear the grief, if it’d cause them to die without grief and with me by their side, while I’d be the last, dying alone after a few weeks of grief.)

Bonus: I think the theory of alternate universes is that they’re the fifth dimension, so they don’t make much sense thinking about them in three dimensions. ie. One dimension is a line, two dimensions is a square, three dimensions is a box, four is time (say a box is on the table now, then the cup is on the table tomorrow, the objects intersected in the fourth dimension), then the fifth is all possible timelines (one where I moved the box, one where I didn’t, so that’s where an alternate universe comes in). Trying to think of alternate universes as a (3D) place is like asking how many lines are in a box. There’s some more food for thought hahaha.

Disclaimer: I’m not a physicist. I just spend way too much time thinking. :sunglasses:

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I think alternate dimensions are for another discussion. There is so much to say about all of it. :sweat_smile: And so much has already been said.

But for a quick follow-up, I personally don’t believe in alternate universes, dimensions and such, but I do think it’s fun to play with the concept. I have no idea if all that is real or not, that it be “proved” or not (but I don’t think it is so…) Time is a real thing, but not in the way we measure it. It’s like language; identifying what is abstract. Boy, this is going deep. That’s the existential stuff I’m talking about. Basically, to me alternate dimensions don’t exist. Though I do love everything that you’ve said about it, and I am so glad that you “spent way too much time thinking” because that is the goal of this discussion.

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i’m for sure posting later I love this thread so much omg

  1. I think if we got rid of bad emotions, we world all be much happier. I think people who are struggling with life in general wouldn’t turn to suicide as an answer and the world would be more positive. for me, if I could get rid of all bad emotions it would be a dream come true. myself, and many other people struggle with a lot of hard stressful things on a regular basis and not having any negative/bad emotions would make it easier to get through it.
  2. I think it would be helpful for me, where I could get more done… but I don’t think the world can take more than one of me. (aka my mom lol)
  3. were already in a world where many people are rude, insensitive, and quick to judge. they are so many good people in this world, but there are many “bad” people in this world also. I think we all need a change, so maybe us living in a world where everyone is nice but honest in a good way would be a helpful change.
  4. I’ve lost so many people in my life and I’m only sixteen. people who were in my life on a regular basis, some I barely got to see, some I never even met but loved unconditionally. losing people you love is one of the hardest things you could ever go through in life so I wouldn’t want them to go through that kind of pain but at the same time I don’t know how much more loss I can take.
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Awesome post! I like <3 Here’s my answers:

If we rid humanity of “bad” emotions, then we would have nothing to compare “good” emotions to. So there would BE no “good” emotions. We’d just be…blank…neutral all the time. Dreadfully boring. You know why the Gods envy the mortals? It is because gods can’t die, which makes mortal lives that much more special. Kind of a similar concept. I would not envy someone who never had negative feelings. Because without negative feelings…how do you know you are feeling positive feelings? You don’t, because you have nothing to compare it to. I’d feel sympathy for them (if they weren’t insane murderers).

Did you know that people that cannot feel physical pain (#notall) tend to be serial killers/murderers/psycho or sociopathic? That’s because they don’t know what it is like to feel physical pain. It is so foreign to them. And sometimes they die unexpectedly because their body isn’t responding to pain they should feel to let them know something is wrong and needs to be treated or fixed.

Going through bad times can be really trying, and really hard and terrible. And you may NEVER want to go through your hard times again, but think about the good times in comparison. It makes the good things in life SO much sweeter ^^

Depends…depends on how much it cost, if it was legal, and…for whatever reason WHY I would want to clone myself and also how it works. I cannot imagine any reason why I would clone myself…maybe for the purpose of a political movement. I might use a clone to manipulate people into doing the right thing for whatever issue was at present. Like, I would conspire with someone…get assassinated, but it is part of my plan all along. Or assassinate the clone, whatever. And then I was rise again eventually, like Jesus and use that to convince people to follow me X’DDDD

I just belong in a fantasy world, really. But yeah…that’s the only thing I can think of how I personally WOULD use a clone if it became possible, mainstream, affordable, not too much trouble, legal, etc. etc.

Not no, but FUCK NO! Our 1st amendment right to free speech IS NOT given by anyone but God Himself. In a world where I am not allowed to express my opinion would mean that either there is someone higher than God giving/taking away my rights (which NO ONE can be!), OR that my God is tyrannical, evil, and unfair. I would never give up MY RIGHT to free speech, even when that one dude told me straight to my face that I deserved to die. I don’t care. He has that opinion, and the right to express that opinion, and I would not take that away from anybody nor would I want it taken away from me.

Speech can be hurtful, sure. But that’s it. Mean words won’t endanger your life, it isn’t that serious. Forcing us to be in a constant state where we are always nice about things, too, how would anyone even decide what is “nice” to say and what isn’t? Whoever it is deciding that, God, government, whatever, it is tyranny and immoral. It would take away our unique personalities, too. Because many people have different ways of being nice to their friends or strangers. I tend to be really sarcastic sometimes and I make dumb jokes.

Would everyone always being “nice” mean that no one would ever feel anger…? Anger isn’t really nice. See #1

Forcing people to behave some way would take their humanity away. Bad idea. I don’t even have to think about that.

As a selfish whore, I would most definitely want to die first. Not that I want to die at all anymore, but…like even thinking about my dad dying and me having to live without him is…well, I teared up just now. Like, I cannot handle it.

I wasn’t supposed to know this, but my dad said to my best friend that she is the first person he is going to call so she will be ready to pick me up and watch me and make sure I don’t do anything suicidal or crazy. He means so much to me. If/when he dies and I’m still alive, I know that my spirit will suffer. I will feel very empty if not for the rest of my life, for a very long time. I’m at work right now, I can’t go into anymore detail, lest I really cry, but yeah. X"D


We need them in life. We need “bad” emotions tu feel happy.

Maybeh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…maybeh I’ve already cloned myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Out of all seriousness, if it didn’t put me at risk…YEEYEE!!! I’d hugzzx and sing tu my clone!! I’ve always wanted tu have another moi. XYLO ATTACKZEEEEHH.

Everyone says what they think. Definitely. :hugs:

I don’t want to sound like a selfish, horrible person…but I’d die after they do, because I can recover from loss and sadness, but death is something you can never take back. Once ur dead, ur dead. :neutral_face:
…I feel selfish…

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Yeah, I’d love this, having a world where we are forever happy and have positive feelings is like a dream world and I would totally live in a world like this, in a heart beat :slightly_smiling_face: However, sometimes having not so happy emotions like crying is OK because it can help you cope with stuff. “Just cry it all out” & “sometimes we need to cry” :sob:

Heck yes, I’d make so many clones, we’d form an army of Jems :smiling_imp: …to do good in the world though :innocent:

Oh wow, OK, I’d pick the “world where everybody can say what they think and so can you” because as much as I love kindness, I’d have to go for freedom to say what you want :joy: :crossed_fingers:

I don’t want to see my loved ones die, I don’t think I could handle it, honestly :crying_cat_face:

  1. No it is good to feel bad emotions. If we were always happy we would never truly be happy. We would always just be in that one state, so it would become our normal. There would be no depth to ones personality. We would never truly experience anything for what it is like and we would just be empty shells.
  2. No, it isn’t ethical. The clone will forever live in your shadow and feel less than you. Also, what if it decides to murder me? It’s a thought!
  3. I would rather live in a world where everyone can say and think what they want. How bland would the world be without a little conflict?
  4. Die after they do so I can be there for them until the very end. In saying that, if I was to die before them I have very specific instructions on what to do for my funeral for them.



-America reaching critical levels- :boom::boom::boom:




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Yes! We stand for that amazing cOuNtRy

Sorry, it just gets on my nerves (obviously I’m not “american”)

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lol I am American

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