Deepest Secrets!


I thought it would be fun to create a thread where you can say your deepest secrets!

There are only a couple rules:
:black_small_square: respect others comments
:black_small_square: we all have opinions put please be respectful

I’ll start: I used to cut myself and I still do only certain occasions

This thread was inspired from The Confession Thread


I messed around with someone 5 years older than me 13-14 years old he was my best friend for 3 years lol


I don’t know how to react lol


Lol i was at a weird time


Lol, I think we r all weird at one point




I used to talk to this dude who I think was…twice my age? Lmao, it lasted for a few months…:no_mouth:




Lmao, it was EXTREMELY weird. I think he was in his late 20’s? I’m not sure, but I remember our birthdays being in the same month. :thinking:




I listen to music most of the time because it keeps me away from losing myself in my thoughts and start crying :ok_hand:


I make too much meme and vine reference and sometimes I cringe after saying something


I do that fairly often as well!


I fake friend people because I’m too scared to say I don’t like them. Also I have a crush on someone on forums but they like someone else and I’m not close with them so I probably have no chance.


Same, about the crush thing. Just tell him/her u never know. I told my crush on here I like him (he doesnt like me), but it was still worth it


Everyone ships him and this other girl together and they’re really close and we only pm sometimes maybe I should move on to his friend.


Lol, do whatever you think is best for you. And if anything try to get to know him better!


Thank you.


I had depression and a bit of anxiety, but I was lucky enough to receive lots of help from my best friend and the adults around me, and after I recovered from it almost two months ago, it was the first time I ever felt real happiness in my daily life.


Congrats! Tbh you recovered fast, it been over a year for me and I haven’t fully recovered.