Deepest Secrets!


Yeah I sure did, for me the greatest thing that helped me recover was wisdom, and it made reconsider everything so I tried to pursue recovery and here I am. I’m sure you need the same thing as well. Feel free to talk to me about anything if you want.


Thank you!


Np :wink:


I trimmed my eyelashes and eyebrows when I was a kid. Thank God I didn’t hit my eyes with the scissors.


I used to buy candy everyday at school so that I could offer my crush some but now I realise how stupid and weird looked. Oh… did I mention he was my brother’s best friend?


Sounds nice lmao


Yeah now I go to a different building since he’s a grade younger but I finally confess to my brother and he called me nasty.


My parents disowned me for my illegal fighting. But it was the only way to control my dangerous anger issues.


R u okay?


Lol yea


:scream: why would u do that


Really? That could effect his whole future. He can be registered as a sex offender


Yea I mean no hate, but that’s pretty messed up