Def Leppard Appreciation Thread


The title says it all. This thread is dedicated to Def Leppard, one of the most amazing bands on all time. Here, we can discuss our favorite Def Leppard songs, our favorite albums, and Joe Elliot himself.


pour some sugar on me.


I love Photograph the best.
Hysteria is my favorite album. (Excluding Vault)


i didnt know that was them. i used to hear that song EVERYday at work. ( i just looked it up on apple music) PSSOM is the only one i know by them that i know is them… if that makes sense.


No, I got ya.


lol skimming through their songs now to see if there are any more surprises


oh duh, bringing on the heartbreak.


That’s a good song. I always liked that one quite a bit.


i first heard mariah carey’s version but i like them both a lot


I don’t like Mariah Carey as a person. She’s okay as a singer.


lmao awe. :frowning: she’s my fave. top 3 fave artists overall.


I have a lot of favorite artists. I’m a big music fan.


same! and a wide range of tastes.


My taste is only the heavier stuff, mostly.

I like rock. Classic rock, hard rock, punk rock. I like grunge. I like metal, but only the lighter metal. Like Alternative Metal.


ill give any music a try. i like all the stuff you named already and pop, reggae, r&b, hip hop, electronic etc etc


Can I just say, this is brilliant and I’m so pleasantly surprised to find this on an episode forum


Def Leppard is just about my favorite artist!


I grew up listening to them!!


Me too. My mom’s favorite band is Def Leppard. While I wasn’t around in the 80’s or early 90’s (born 99), I still listened to her cds and stuff. They’re so good.