Default Story Cover Update - Live Now!

Hey Episode Creators!

Remember when we teased the new genre story cards in this post, and then asked for your thoughts in this poll?

We’re excited to announce today that today’s Writer’s Portal update also includes updates to the story card tool, and is officially releasing the new images for you to use in your stories!

Specifically, we’ve made our stock cards always available for you to choose, and we’ve made sure to keep both the current and the new cards as options. When you go to your story cover manager now, you’ll notice that we’ve revamped the page to look as follows:

The available stock cards presented will always match your selected story genre, and you can see each of the sets below:

We chose this design because of your comments in our previous posts telling us that you loved the new cards and the current ones – and when we stepped back, we agreed, so we went back and re-designed that part of the Portal to make sure that you could always choose between them.

You still continue to upload your own custom cards! As a bonus, we’ve now added support for dragging and dropping onto that section of the part so that you can more easily upload your own art.

With this design, we’re also trying to make it clear what card you have live for players in the app, versus what card you’ve decided to queue up for going live the next time you publish.

Once you select between your custom or the stock cards and save your selection, you’ll notice that the “Queued” tag will appear below the selected image.

Hopefully, these changes will help you better manage your story cover art for your stories.

Happy Writing for the Holidays!

The Episode Team


Awesome :star_struck:


I’m excited to see them!! :heart:

:kissing_heart: yes bich!

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Can we use these as splashes though? :eyes:


These are so much better!


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Those are beautiful!! :heart::heart::heart: guess I have to return to the portal, huh?!

Hi @Melani3,

This is a useful function! I have a question. Will our current live story cards be saved in the library as well, so that in case any new story cards are rejected, we can at least continue to use the last approved story card?

(For that matter, it would be great to add on this functionality so that any story cards which we upload and are approved, are added to our library, so that they are available for us to choose from any time we wish to change our story cards, instead of having to re upload them again for approval again.)


@Melani3 In addition, is it possible to upload more than one story card for approval?

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To answer your questions: Our team is currently investigating that function, but we don’t currently have a release planned set for that feature. Hearing it’s desired is helpful, so thanks for bringing it up!

You cannot upload more than one storycard at a time for the same story. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Is it possible to download these story cards?

You can select them for queue in your portal and press and hold them until options come up, from there you can save them that way (as with any cover actually) but the quality isn’t as clear. If you’re on PC, you can just left/right click and then save the images that way too.

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