Defenestration's Art Commission Shop (Paid) {CLOSED}

It would be $24 for the two full body characters, and I guess I’d have to see the background. I’ll warn you though, It may take a bit longer because spring semester starts for me on Monday. So like, a week, week and a half instead of 3-5 days.


Okay I think I might be up for it, I’ll shoot you a text on Instagram, is that alright :ok_woman:t2:

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Thanks for the compliments!
For 6 characters waist-up, it would be $49, and for 6 characters full body, it would be $56.


Yep! My instagram is @crackedcharcoal


Can I request here or do you prefer Instagram?

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Either is fine, though Instagram decreases image quality so it makes it hard to see details.

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Okay, I’ll just request here ^-^

Art scene details: (sunset)

Style: realistic
One character, waist-up :smiley:

1. Character Details of each character

Body: Gold 03
Brow: Round Thick, color Chestnut Brown
Hair: Wavy Messy, color Blonde Medium
Eyes: Deepset Downturned, color Blue Deep
Face: Chiseled Angular
Nose: Male Generic
Lips: Medium Heart

Picture for reference:

2. Character outfits

Practically naked lmao

3. The pose of the Character or Characters*


but draw only the waist-above, so the censor doesn’t matter

4. Background* (cannot be an Episode background 'cuz copyright)

Can you try to draw the background in your own style please? Just a floorboard is fine.

The floorboard might look something along the lines of the floor in this picture:

5. Extra details

Can you draw a bed blocking the character’s waist and below? It doesn’t have be very complex, just like a white rectangle is fine.

Bed reference:

And although I’m not published yet, maybe paying for this means that I’m committed to publishing the story? I already have an episode that’s 4500 lines long, and I’m starting on the second one now. I’m trying to make it in time for the contest!

Thank you for reviewing this request :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I read my request and it sounded a little confusing. I’ll explain more here.


Basically, I would like to request the male character in this pose (draw it exactly as is)


But, don’t draw their waist-down. Instead, block it with a bed (reference above).

Lastly, for the ground the character is laying on, please draw just a regular floor you’d see in a house. Don’t draw the pillow. That’s all! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Thank you so much for reading, lmao :hearts: :diamonds: :hearts: :diamonds:


I just want to add that she makes commissions and you should maybe add your paypal (or what it is :joy:)


We’ve got it covered. I’m already halfway through that request, actually! :smile::+1:




I’m currently working on a story and would like to use your services. I’m still on the first episode so I won’t have it published quite just yet

That’s fine! Just let me know what you would like through direct message when you’re ready.

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Thanks, I’ll have a payment Friday, so I’ll let you know then.

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Sounds good!


I want one can you d.m me!

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I would love to commission a waist up realistic style cover with 3 characters. Some I wasn’t able to find photos that fit what I was thinking!

FBI attire for both LIs (as shown in the screen grabs) Similar outfit for the MC, but with a tight black skirt instead (if visible). If you could mix the OG FBI jacket for females with the one that the MC is wearing, that would be great! Just want it to look more feminine.

  • The pose of the Character or Characters*
    • Main Character - middle very similar to the other picture that you posted, but with the outfit of the picture (if you could add an FBI badge that would be great!) Both hands have the other end of the cuff of each of the love interests.
    • Love Interest 1 - on the left of the Main Character with his left hand on her shoulder and the right hand pulling at her jacket with a cuff attached to her hand & looking like he’s whispering in her ear. If you could do a glitch almost effect of two copies descending backwards with different opacity to make it look like he’s duplicating. Also in the FBI outfit.
    • Love Interest 2 - on the right of the Main Character with his right hand on her temple to look like he’s trying to control her mind with a bit of power glow emitting from his fingers. As for the rest, same of the other LI with his hand pulling at her jacket near her hip, appearing to whisper in her ear, and FBI getup.
  • Background* (cannot be an Episode background 'cuz copyright)
    Very plain background just a black to dark or red gradient (depending on what looks best!)
  • Extra details

Password: Sunset

If you’d prefer to connect via instagram you can connect with me there as well @sarahe.writes