Delete a story?


I was wondering why I can’t delete this story…
It’s kinda disturbing… :sob::joy:


The only way i know to just not see it again is archiving it

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there’s no option to delete a story at the moment
here’s the thread to bring the feature on episode
You can hide it from your list tho

If it’s not published yet, you can actually delete it! I’ve done it once…
But I think your first episode has some kind of error. If you fix the error, you might be able to delete :slight_smile:

If you’ve already started your story and saved what you’ve coded, the writers portal will not allow you to delete your story. Just like characters, if you use them in your story just once, you won’t be able to delete them. But like others have said, you can hide it to give you that illusion that you did.

Once you save the script you cannot delete it. Only archive is an option

Oh, okay. :thinking: