Delete account function

Where is the delete account button?

I want to remove this forum account and my App account.


hi @king_mozza when i make my own forum account i always check my forum profile yes you can delete your forum account just go to your profile and click the button which says “Activity” then click preferences then you’ll have to scroll down after that you’ll see the “delete account” thank me later im here happy to help but why would you want to delete your forum account i mean Episode forums is so Amazing And i love the peoples here❤️ they help and work for each other thats how you see the LOVE❤️ But it is your choice if you want to delete your account😊
I just want you to know That Episode Forums Is AMAZINGG! im sorry if my english grammar was
bad english isn’t my 1st language it is my 2nd language :blush::sparkles:


Oh, at first i see the delete button but when i change my forums username it was gone if you change your username the delete account button will be gone :heart: but i hope episode finds a way to create a delete button :blush:

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