Delete Replay Function

  • I don’t understand how this is advertising, so I don’t understand why this post was flagged. If you don’t understand what I wrote please don’t flag it for something you don’t understand. I am not advertising any feature or product as I have not made anything. I am simply proposing an idea for/requesting a feature for the app.

So I have a problem where on some stories, I don’t know how to design my MC and if I don’t like the MC I chose to play that specific story, I replay the story and re-customize. The issue is I just found out you can only replay a story 5 times and then you can no longer play that story.

I reached out to the help desk, but since there’s no feature to remove replays to make space for new ones, I am proposing the idea here. It’d be nice if we could delete replays we don’t want from the replay menu whether it’s to make more space to replay the story, or in my case, have the space for a potential future replay. This would help a lot since we could then play a story more than 5 times and not be limited when reading and re-reading stories we really like.

This may sound confusing, but I think people can understand what I mean.


If you get an episode subscription or something, you’ll get unlimited replays. So nope, they can’t add it for normal users since it’s a subscription feature.

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