Delete the app entirely

This isn’t a bug but how do you delete the app? Not just deleting it but all is information all it’s data, everything. I want a brand new fresh version of the game, none of my stories load anymore and support will not help me. I’m thinking the only thing left to do do is just start all the over even though I spent money and years into this game.

I don’t have a home button. iPhone X, I can’t factory reset anymore, just shut off and turn back on, which I’ve done

I think it’s connected to your google account. I was able to get most of my data (as far as where I was in stories, but you should get all the date from your written stories) back after switching devices.

Moved topic to Episode Fan Community as this is not a bug.

If you can’t get an answer here feel free to submit a ticket to the Episode support team. Thank you. :peace_symbol:

I did. Twice.

Fantastic! Best to just wait for a response as creating multiple tickets will almost guarantee that it take’s longer to reply to you. :thinking::wink:

I seem to have the same problem. I want to delete the app entirely because nothing works anymore. I also submitted a ticket. But the support team couldn’t help me yet.:expressionless:

Exactly. I just want a fresh start of the app, I mean it’d be nice to be compensated for all the money I spent on tickets to get back where i am. But I’d like my little pass time game back