Deleted Actions?



So, while writing one of my stories, I went to add the action talk_smoking to one of my characters, and I realized that the action has been removed. A few questions have arose from this:

  1. Has this been removed because of the story guidelines?
  2. What other actions have the possibility of being removed?
  3. If we used these actions in previous stories, then update the episode in which the action is used, will we have to replace that action because it won’t work anymore?

Thanks in advance for your help and answers!


For INK?


I used it previously in INK, and I’m currently trying to use it in Limelight. Maybe it hasn’t been added for Limelight yet. I assumed most of the actions had been added though. But that didn’t even cross my mind lol.


Ah, well it’s still on INK but yea I don’t think it’s in LL yet


Coolio, thank you!