*deleted art group*


Hey, this art group is now being deleted. sorry


Can i join


Sure :slight_smile:

Just fill out the application and we’ll answer as quick as possible.




Oooooo this looking littt I’mma fill out the form.
Applied :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Whenever I try to apply some of my examples it makes me start over? is it okay if I just dm you my examples?


Yes, go ahead. Sorry about that though


I’m having the same problem as @xGreeni


Okay, something’s wrong with my google forms then. :frowning:

Just DM me or PM me your example :slight_smile:


Okay ! :grinning:


Hi I’m also a member so you can always DM me on Instagram and on the forums!


hey it’s kxtieiswise, I lost the password to my account and I don’t know the email so I’m making a new one


Ok make sure you send it on here so we can add you back in.


@Jeremy or @Sydney_H Can you close this?



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: