(Deleted as I no longer draw)

Hey just wanna update, I’m still working on it but it takes some time because there’s a lot happening right now. Is there a time limit before you need it?

If you want it done faster, you can ask someone else and that’s fine! If time doesn’t matter then I’ll fix it for you :slight_smile:


Hey just like I said take your time . I’m currently still working on the first episodes of the story and won’t publish it anytime soon. So if it isn’t too much I’d like you to do it still? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course! Just wanted to make sure time wasn’t an issue! :smiley:

Hey, it breaks my heart to have to message you this but I can’t finish your request. I hate how it took this long for me to update but basically, a lot of things happened and my mental health got really bad because of self isolation/the virus. Just know that I tried really hard but I realize that it’s not right for me to give art that I’m not happy with or stress worked only for it to take a lot of your time. Once again, I’m so sorry and I feel terribly bad :frowning:

It’s okay really hope you feel better soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, do you still take request for an art scene drawn not edited? Ty x

@Rose_ZombieFreak are u still taking requests?

Hey Can I Request A Cover? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi are you doing it for free or are you charging?

Are you still open? If yes, do you do custom poses or just episode poses? Love your examples btw!

Hi, can I request an art scene?