Deleted **gif** guide



Byeeeeeeee this thread is long gone

Want to make a overlay animation (GIF)? Here for tips
Does anyone know how to add gifs to episode stories
Moving Fire Overlay Help!

Feel free to correct me on my grammar/directing mistakes! Don’t forget to help others! :wink:


Nice work. Thank you for sharing.
I find it easier to do the effect with opacity and loopings, though.



For lopping, you just need to add in the end of the line “loop x times” (x for number of times) or “loop INFINITE times” (for unlimited times)


Sadly, it says “Looping can be only used with overlay animations” I’m still not quiet sure why it happens. :thinking:


I’m not sure why, check your code


But that’s what you’re doing… :thinking:


The loop command has beeing acting weird lately. It doesn’t want to work with “AND” or sometimes “THEN” :pensive:

I tried submitting a ticket but of course the support people were no use.


Awh, dang. I guess no looping for us today. :frowning:


May I ask why you’re clearing the overlay instead of just changing its opacity to 0?


There’s not a reason behind it, just don’t like excessive stuff, but it’s better to change the opacity, I’ll include that too.


Ok. I was just asking out of curiosity though. :upside_down_face:





Haha. Did the thread help you? :smiley:


Yes! It did, although, I’m a really lazy person, so I probably won’t use it until I feel motivated to write haha. This thread should be famous! Okay maybe not famous, but it should be well known throughout the community, It could help so many writers that are in need of help with these types of coding :smiley:


Please close this thread :slight_smile: @Ryan




Bump and reminder that you can add the overlays to backgrounds instead creating them :heart:


Do you have a template?