Deleted Story Help?


So I was writing my first book and had not published it yet, but I need to make another one for school.
So I started making my other one, and when I went back to work on my other one is was gone. absolutely gone and I don’t know what to do?


You’re story isn’t gone. Click on manage your stories and if you can’t find it there, search for it.


I clicked on Manage My Stories and It came up the new one i’ve been working on.


Did you use the same e-mail for both of them? Or different e-mails?


Same one i believe.


If it’s the same one, then Alex_98 is right, you need to click on manage your stories, scroll through there to find it or use the search bar for quicker search time.


I clicked on manage my stories and this came up.


oh goodness. i see it now
im so stupid. im sorry for wasting your time


You can also search for it. There is something that looks like a magnifying glass next to my stories. Click on it and write the title of your story.


I’m glad you finally found it :wink::blush:



Solved and closed. :slight_smile: