Deleting a chapter 2

is there anyway you can delete an empty chapter because i accidentally made a chapter two and i can’t continue my story like that so can anyone help

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to delete chapters. Since the chapter is empty, you can either put down some code in and save it or you can make the end of the first chapter loop but I’m not really sure what the problem is… as we need at least 3 chapters in order to publish a story? :sweat_smile:

Unless your story is a short story that only lasts for one chapter in which case, you would need to create 3 chapters anyway to still publish it?

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You can only delete chapter 1 if you didn’t write anything and save it, but chapters 2+ like @/schittwriter said don’t have this option. :<

I think this is still a thing (from the episode FAQ):

  • Your story must be at least 3 episodes long.
  • Each episode must have at least 400 lines to publish.

So authors need to publish at least three chapters. Of course, you can copy and paste the script from chapter 1 and lock chapters 2-3 to make a 1-chapter-story (or loop it in ch.1 so readers won’t have the opportunity to pass to the end) or later unlock those chapters with a new content update. :smiling_face:

yea i just restarted all of it

Oh! So you just want to preview your first chapter? You can do that by pressing Navigation > Episodes. You can also select scenes too in the Navigation tab. You don’t need to restart every time you want to preview chapter 1. (:

What I normally do is add a


at the end of chapter 1 so I can still direct the scene without it automatically moving onto chapter 2.

Or also, u can paste what u’ve written in ch1 into ch2 and continue to direct it in ch2. Then when u’ve finished, paste it back into ch1. that’s what I do when I make this mistake

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