Deleting a story

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knows how to delete an entire story?

Every time I click on the three dots, it doesn’t show any option close to delete.


Can’t delete a story after creating the first episode

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Really? I really wish I could… Thanks for the help!

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You could just put this at the start of episode 1:


@CHAR stands screen center

label loop

CHAR (talk_greet)
Hey! The author discontinued this story.

CHAR (talk_arms_crossed)
Therefore, you cannot read it.

CHAR (talk_sad)

CHAR (talk_neutral)
Tap to replay this message.


goto loop


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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what about deleting episode?

Can’t do that either, but let say you want to edit it but you already published it, what most authors do is write: Don’t read CH on their story title.

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no , i didnt pubblish and but i just want t delete it

No, hun. Sorry

Sometimes whenever I see that message, I want to be a rebel and read it just because I can. :smirk:

Do it

Sorry you cant delete the story but you can make disappear from your list published or not!
You just need to press on your profile, go to thw account settings, then tap on story settings, find your story and then press “hide from your list” if its not published.
If its published press the buttom “archive” and then “hide from your list”

If you do that it will be like you never wrote that story.

And later if you want to find the story again just press again those buttoms !

I hope this was helpful

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