Deleting a story


Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knows how to delete an entire story?

Every time I click on the three dots, it doesn’t show any option close to delete.



Can’t delete a story after creating the first episode


Really? I really wish I could… Thanks for the help!


You could just put this at the start of episode 1:


@CHAR stands screen center

label loop

CHAR (talk_greet)
Hey! The author discontinued this story.

CHAR (talk_arms_crossed)
Therefore, you cannot read it.

CHAR (talk_sad)

CHAR (talk_neutral)
Tap to replay this message.


goto loop



Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


what about deleting episode?


Can’t do that either, but let say you want to edit it but you already published it, what most authors do is write: Don’t read CH on their story title.


no , i didnt pubblish and but i just want t delete it


No, hun. Sorry


Sometimes whenever I see that message, I want to be a rebel and read it just because I can. :smirk:


Do it