Deleting an account

I’ve been in the process of deleting my forums account for several weeks now…
Jeremy assisted me in the beginning but, apparently, I’ve replied to the ticket wrong.
I thought we just ask to get our account deleted and that’s it.

However, I’m seeing something called the right of erasure/right to be forgotten…
Can anyone explain this to me?

I’m a little frustrated and kind of just ready to get this over with.

In order for your account to be deleted you need to agree to the right of Erasure in the ticket. That’s really all there is to it :slight_smile:

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So all I have to do is write I agree?

There’s an “I confirm” box on the email do I hit that?

You just need to follow the rules as they are laid out for you in the ticket. It explains to you exactly what needs to be done. Please PM me your ticket number as I am unable to find your ticket. Thanks!

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