Deleting Episodes?

New writer here… so this is a little embarrassing to ask but can I delete episodes? Haha
I had written 5 or 6 chapters, took a lengthy break, and now I’m rewriting my story almost completely. I want to post my new chapters 1-3, but I don’t want anyone to go any further obviously.


Yes, you can do that, if you haven’t previously published more chapters.
(If you don’t know how, feel free to private message me.)

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Unfortunately I had already published more than three chapters. Thank you for your help!

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Okay. Then I guess the only solution is to publish your chapters (update them, actually) after you finish rewriting all of them.
Unless you want to start a new story and delete the old one, which I do not suggest, if you have many reads.

Hey there you can lock your episodes and then update em. Rewrite 1-3 if u like and then lock the rest

label locked


This episode is locked for now, It’ll be updates soon!

goto locked

That is such a good idea, thank you!! I was getting complaints from readers.

Hello I haven’t published any of my episodes but I’ve done the first one wrong and I’m trying to delete it any idea how to do it