Deleting main character, please read! Opinions needed

I’m thinking of deleting my main character and remaking her basically and keeping the same name.
If I do so, will that ruin my whole script?
Or will it just replace the old character with the new one since the name will be the same??
I’m doing this to avoid a stupid hair glitch :weary:
Has anyone tried this???

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You can’t delete characters. You have to create a new one and have your readers customise (if you allow CC) have you sent a support ticket about the glitch? I would wait to hear back from Episode before making any decisions like that, they might be able to fix it :woman_shrugging:t2:

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You can delete your charcter, IF they are not used in your script.

So, you would have to remove your MC from the script. Either, remove the entire script, by copy and pasting it somewhere else, or change the MC’s name, in the script, to a place holder. Then, you can delete the character. I’d suggest deleting the outfit too. Finally, create your new character.

By the way, what is the glitch?

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So everything’s fine on the interactive site when I got to preview my story as I’m directing, but when I got to preview on the app, the hair changes on two of my characters!
It’s really annoying :weary:

Thank you, I have already filed a help ticket!
I’m just impatient is all :weary:

Did recreating a character make a difference?

So basically what I tried was changing the hair and lipstick etc in the script before the scene starts. It’s just more work, but it is what it is. I’d rather play it safe :woman_shrugging:t2: Thanks for checking back!

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