Deleting my story and promote yours too . R4r

Hey guys most of us authors take so much time for writing and editing the stories but what happens when we get only a few 10 reads on the story . That’s because it is not seen on the app by users who are interested to read it . So I have made this topic for all who wish to promote their stories like me and help all those small authors who take tremendous time in writing the stories
Please read my story detail as follows
Title - Love you not
Author -anja j
Episode name -jajj31
Description - In this competitive world :earth_americas: everything that everyone is running behind is money . It is well said that there is nothing that money can’t buy . In this counterview I have written a love story which follows a girl arina who has got everything she wishes for . She is ultra rich , but she falls for a guy who doesn’t love her at all anyhow .Will she get him too and how . Note : I Am going to write this story in limelight soon . I am also going to be publishing a thriller and romance story soon . Make sure to follow my Instagram for upcoming stories


I’m reading Love you NOT. Check it out:

Instagram -dazzglitters


Would you like to do a read for read? :relaxed:

Title: Adventurous: Damage Control
Author: Problematic_Patrick
Genre: Adventure/action with thriller and romance
Style: Limelight
Description: After a rollercoaster of emotions, Nathan is in need of some damage control and adventure. But what if his “adventures” turn life-threating on an innocent vacation? MALE MC, LGBT
Episodes: 3 (unfinished)

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Yes sure I would love to do r4r . Please once you read my story share your opinion with me and I will do the same if you want

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Ok, I’ll start now :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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I’m down for a read for read, how many episodes do you have?
Title: Bad Behavior
Author: Aaliyah Ali
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 5 (more to come)
Summary: How will Alana, Lucas, Ryan, and Rachel survive their past and conquer their future…
If bad behavior follows them everywhere they go?
cc, and choices available!
Style: Limelight



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Sure I am also starting to read your story

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I have written 3 episodes so far . Will add your story to my list

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Same here.

Does anyone wanna do a read for read with me?

Story: Rock Your Socks Off
Genre: Drama
Summary: Lies,Love, Lust, Gangs and Death! People may think the dancing industry is simple… But what happens when it can get you Killed?
Cover: DDRock_Your_Socks_Off_posterThumb_i1MAvrv9qr

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: DD:Rock Your Socks Off (5 is out!)

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

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Yes sure , I will add your story to my list

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Ok can we send Screenshots to make sure we both read the stories

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Yes sure I will read once I finish with my other r4r

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Heya, just finished! I liked the story and the plot but I think there are few things that could use a little work, so I wrote them down for you. I’m not the best writer but I just thought these could help

  • Sometimes characters seem to appear in a scene out of nowhere, which looks a little weird.
  • Sometimes dialogue will pop up on the screen before the characters have even entered the screen.
  • There are some spelling/grammar mistakes which could be fixed too.
  • Some scenes are really short, you could try including more content or scrapping the scenes as nothing much happens in those very short scenes
  • You could include some thought bubbles instead of speech bubbles, as there are some scenes where that would fit better, like when Nick was told that his house was stinky.

Keep it up! :grin:

Hey thanks for your advise I will keep that in mind . I read the first chapter of your story now going on second

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thanks for this thread! :grin:

Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Author: Marshmallow O.
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy (Thriller)
Style: Limelight
Summary: It’s a race against time as you and your friends try to escape the mysterious sleepover that you were invited to…



Chapters: 5 (More to come)

Full CC/Choices Matter/Point System/Advanced Directing!:blush:

Hey I read 2 chapters of your story , it is amazing I hope you read mine too

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Hey! Thank you for making this. :slight_smile: I just published my adventurous contest story, so I’d really love it if people were to read my story.

Title: Adventurous: Our Beautiful Chaos
Story link:
Author: Maria
Episodes: 1, 2 and 3 with more coming after the contest
Genre: Adventure, with some romance and comedy
Style: Ink
Features: CC yourself, mini games, choices that matter (!), tappable overlays…
App description: When you go on the adventure of a lifetime, you did not expect a handsome man to tag along. Facing all kind of challanges, what is going to happen? You decide.
More description lol: You’re a talented girl with a great job, but are stuck in the boring everyday routine. When you suddenly get an offer to go on an adventure, you just can’t say no. And maybe the handsome man tagging along also isn’t that bad? However, if you want to stay on board of this adventure, you have to make the right choices. Will you succeed? Find out!

Story Cover:

Sneak peeks have been posted on my instagram, @episodesbymaria ! :heartpulse:
I’d feel honored if you’d decide to read my story. I have put my heart and soul into it, haha.

Love, Maria

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Yes sure I would love to read but will you do r4r

Adding your story to my list