Deleting Replays?



Oh wow you have replay Demi that much but why? I mean some is episode 20 other are 1 and 5 why don’t you play all ? just curious :grinning::grinning: I mean if you want to play 1 , 5 and 20 its okay it’s your choice

I get what your saying, but I first started reading it maybe two years ago and then never actually got the chance to finish the seasons so today I decided to try and finish reading them but when I went on it, it was glitchy and I kinda didn’t like the way I looked on any of the replays haha.

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Yes, I so think replays should be deleted. Like in my case for galileo school of magic I get fan mails all the time, Omg I used all my replays trying to get the mancer class I want, and still didn’t get it. (I have a personality quiz at the beginning)

I think they added the 5 replay feature so you couldn’t replay their featured stories and get gems. I do wish they would get rid of it, or increase the limit because if someone wants to reread the story like 305994 times, why not. They get the money from the ads.


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