Delta house background?


Hello everyone, I’m trying to find to find out as to where I can find the INT. - DELTA LIVING ROOM background, that everyone seems to use in their stories? like in the story “The shaw brothers”? I found the day one, but I still can’t seem to find the night one/ the versions with the opened door. If someone can help me find where it is, and who is the person who recreated this background is so I can properly credit them, tat would be great. This is what the background looks like :


Give me 5 minutes and I can make this night for you!


Oh wowza, thanks!


I’m with her also you can see some here






she also wanted the door open lol


Oh wait lol! What did you want to be out side of the door? Give me 10 minutes then… :joy:


I was saying that this background had already been remade, and it has a night version + versions with the door open, and I was trying to have someone help me find those versions.