Demo Pieces for Practice

This is basically a practice thread before I reopen my art shop. :cloud: Faded Solo Art Shop :cloud: On Hold (Making demo pieces for practice before reopening)

INK ONLY for the time being.** Just leave your character details, outfit, pose, a few colors, etc. Just anything that will help me with inspiration. I might not get to them all. Please put this emoji :peach: so that I know you understand these are demo pieces and understand I’m not obligated to do every one. :sparkles:

What I’m capable of for demos:

  • Drawn/Edited Ink one character (Female)
  • Pieces waist up and above
  • Custom poses that aren’t overly complex. Please provide references!
  • Custom clothing with references
  • Halloween theme (I did this when I was new to forums and would love to do it again)
  • Possibly character cards Ink & LL???



Reference Outfit


Reference Pose

*winking and the tongue is out hehe

Colors and Theme

Dark neon aesthetic

Also, I understand that this is just a demo :blob_hearts: :peach:

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Thank you :heart:

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Outfit Reference

Could it be in black if it’s not too much trouble?

Pose Reference


Halloween, bright/dark neon colors


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Thank you :two_hearts: I was lowkey hoping for someone to send a purge style outfit :joy:

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Saw that you wanted to do a Halloween theme and I thought of the purge as it’s my favorite for that time :see_no_evil::joy:

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I’m still a little rusty but this was fun :sparkles: Also sorry about changing the hairstyle.


hOLY SHHEEESHHH oh my god!! this is amazing!!! this is beyond my expectations WOW :star_struck::green_heart:

do you have Instagram? so I can credit you there? :green_heart:

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:joy: I’m glad you like it. My Insta is epy.bby_naereboot :two_hearts:

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Hiya @PropertyofNae are u still taking deets? :heartpulse:

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Yep :sparkles:

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this is noted! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles:

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Hiya @PropertyofNae

Request/ deets <3

So I would love if you could do a spooky bride type of thing. I don’t have a character made so if this isn’t enough information them please let me know. :heartpulse:

Password: :peach:

This is the character, again if this is enough info please let me know. <3


This kind of vibe, waist and up. <3


Thank you so much for reading! :heartpulse:

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